Smartest Options for a Perfect Business Development


The corporate world is constantly changing and offering a quality service is no longer a differential to be a basic item among the companies that hire. Today, everyone needs to have quality combined with a differential that will attract the attention of your customer, making them loyal to your company. With so many options for providing services, the company that always offers more than what is agreed wins. 

But how to modify the service provision in the Information Technology area?

Despite being a difficult task, it is not impossible. Since the late 1930s, the subject has been discussed. It was in 1939 that the Austrian Joseph Schumpeter, creator of the Theory of Economic Development, defended “the ruptures in the traditional paradigms in relation to products, processes or markets help to trigger the cycles of growth of the economy”. The years passed and the term “innovation” was added to the list of assignments of the main executives, especially of the IT leaders. Innovating is synonymous with any novelty implemented by the productive sector, through research or investment, which increases the efficiency of the production process or which implies a new or improved product, generating profit for the company. The use of the roadmap creator comes essential here.


  • As a result, IT professionals saw the need for reflection and provocation for the new. With this change, many companies focused on offering solutions and consultancy to the corporate market, consolidating positive results. The change in the IT area can promote increased productivity, reduced costs, differentiation and optimization of clients’ businesses in the face of a highly competitive and global market. With this, companies need to produce and create new ways to generate value for customers. However, the great counterpoint that is perceived is that many companies in the IT area have operational deficiencies in the search for innovation. 

The consultancy conducted a worldwide survey in recent years interviewing 450 IT professionals. Of this amount, 31% stated that innovation happens only accidentally in companies and only 14% stated that their organizations have clear corporate policies to stimulate innovation. Behind these figures is the precaution of IT companies to bet on new strategies at an economic moment that is not very favorable. That’s because, to innovate is to take risks, make investments, design and implement projects, as long as IT companies have well-defined, prioritized and calculated risks. In short, to innovate in Information Technology, it is necessary, first of all, to understand Portfolio Management and Risk Management well. What must be taken into account by IT companies is that the risk can be higher or lower, depending on the type of innovation. At this time, the manager is a fundamental part, as he needs to master managerial, marketing and technological information. 


In IT company no LinkedIn Growth strategies In order to grow in the market, in addition to gaining new customers it is necessary to keep the old ones. This growth in business may be difficult, but some strategies help.