Advantages of SD WAN service


SD-WAN is the abbreviation form for the software-defined networking mechanism in Wide Area Network. It simply manages the operation of WAN by segregating the hardware related to the networks from its controlling mechanism.

SD WAN service(บริการsd wan, which is the term in Thai) is considered to be highly beneficial for all the business entity. It is basically due to the number of advantages it provides which includes –

  • Easy maintenance and installation mechanism – Rather than maintaining the WAN system by themselves, generally, a certain amount of fee is paid to the service providers. They install and deliver all the WAN connectivity-related services as per the requirement. They even provide all sorts of maintenance work along with it hence helping in reducing the IT costs of the customers to a great extent.
  • Cost-effectiveness – SD WAN is considered to be a very cost-effective solution. It helps in replacing or requirement of any supplement WAN network.
  • Improve in production – It provides a number of benefits to the business entity, which are highly dependent on internet connectivity. It easily optimizes the bandwidth by prioritizing the traffic as per requirements and offering more flexibility in transportation.
  • Security – the traditional solutions related to WAN provide security via multiple appliances. However, now with the advanced level of service, protection is being provided to all the different enterprise locations. It helps in providing an integrated solution of security, which is exceptionally managed by the service providers. Hence, it provides comparatively more efficient protection along with flexibility in the working operations.

The demand for a higher amount of bandwidth is quite commonly made in the market within the limited budget. However, the spread of the bandwidth over the different mediums and companies do not bring a hindrance to work even at the failure of one link.

Monthly Office 365(office 365 รายเดือน, term in Thai) is the subscriptions which come along with the premium application like the Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, etc. These apps can even be installed in multiple numbers of devices.

There are many organizations which are ready to offer the SD WAN service(บริการsd wan, which is the term in Thai). However, it is important to do proper research work before relying on anyone. In the end, you need to make sure that you are making use of the solutions where there is no probable chance of failure.