Simple Camera app for Android


Need to capture crystal clear photos and videos? if you still cannot do so using your original Android Camera app on your Android then this is the best time to move in to a wonderful camera app. The Simple Camera. As the name suggest the app is super simple to control but there is no doubt that it captures the best high-quality images and videos. Try this wonderful Simple Camera on your Android too.

About the app Simple Camera

The app is given the name simple camera as it is very simple. There are only essential features to capture your photo or the video. The interface of the app is minimalistic in nature. It only consists of few of the most needed features like a button to capture the photo or video, button to switch between front and the rare cameras, icon to open gallery and two icons for setting and to control picture quality. No need to have many more complex icons because the app surely captures the best photo using these limited resources.

This is of course much lighter than your default camera app and uses a small space from your storage. Saves space for many photos and videos. never going to miss any of your lovable moments if you have this nice camera tool with you.

Features of Simple Camera APK

The app also equipped with a photo editor and a collage maker. By using these features, you can simply add nice photo frames to make your photo more colorful and beautiful. You can easily collage all your photos quickly using the collage maker in the app. Also, you can select the best resolution for your image as well.

One of the attractive features regarding this camera apk is that it removes unwanted objects from your photo which is not available in most of the similar camera apps like B612. You can just focus only the needed object by eliminating all other unnecessary surrounding objects.

This allows you to change the resolution, aspect ratio and quality as you wish to make your photo or the video looking more stunning. Face swap feature included here helps you have wonderful time with your family members and also the friends.

Here you can easily switch between the front and the rare camera as well as allows to enable or disable the flash. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and out which is a nice feature helping in capturing the way we want very easily.

If you also want to try this nice app now download it from any of your favorite app store.