The Lack of Privacy on Various Social Media Platforms: The solution is Tapshare


The 21st Century has brought about many changes which have helped us to improve our overall standard of living. With the introduction of the Internet, the aspect of conducting business has become comparatively smoother as the barrier of communication has now been effectively bridged between the consumer and the manufacturer. The internet has also influenced our social lives as well due to the ever-rising popularity of various Social Network sites.

Millions of people are uploading pictures, videos, and life feeds daily which are being viewed by millions more. However, there seems to be a lack of privacy when it comes to uploading your pictures online as there lacks the presence of a common platform that allows people to share pictures within a regulated system. Not everyone is comfortable sharing images with the world. Hence there is an immediate requirement of a platform that monitors the views as per the needs and requirements of the profile holder.

This is precisely where the services of social network domains such as Tap share Tapshare comes into play. The operations of such websites are very simple. The user gets to choose who views a particular memory. No third person involved can gain access to the memories uploaded by a user, without the permission of the account holder. Uploading pictures within a safe environment is what sites like Tapshare offer. The account holder can track and monitor all the activities related to their uploaded picture and likewise can share the same with the people or community present as per their wishes. 

With the ever-increasing safety concerns on social media platforms where images and videos even when kept under private files were being hacked, the facilities provided by Tapshare is like a breath of fresh air. The platform is free to use and can be availed by people all around the world. So if you wish to connect with people and relatives and share selected memories with them within a safe social network then Tapshare is the place to be. The signing in process is very straightforward and the website interface is user-friendly and can be accessed by people of all ages and communities. 

Social networking has now become significantly easier and much safer with the introduction of these online platforms. Creating and sharing memories has become easier with the incorporation of Tapshare.