How the Anonymous Browser Account Works for You


A virtual browser is, in the context of networks and the Internet, is a machine that acts as an intermediary between your hardware (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and the Internet.

  • The main consequence of its use: the use and therefore the display of the proxy’s IP address and not that of the device used, which allows surfing anonymously (or almost) on the web.
  • Because contrary to what some people may think, you are not anonymous on the internet, it is very easy to follow your browsing on the internet by tracing your IP address.

To use a virtual browser, you must configure your browser or computer or use a web proxy, that is to say a website that will allow you to navigate to other sites from this site.

This second solution is of course the easiest to implement since it is enough to go to a site and surf the web via this site, there is no particular technical skill to have or configuration of its browser to perform.

The process of handling multiple accounts is quite simple. The user will have to make his separate profiles, go to the tool virtual browser and switch it on, select the area and start it, and there you go, he will be able to run the profile in every possible manner. The whole process is quite simple and does not require much technical knowledge. It works as an anonymous browser.

Diagram explaining the principle of the virtual browser in the network

The purpose of this site is not to go into the details of the subject but rather to try to popularize it so that it is understandable by the greatest number, so here are some additional links for those who want to go further:

Another reason to use it may be to visit a site that is not accessible from your country. This is the case for example for certain videos which can only be viewed in the United States for example: by configuring your browser with a virtual browser located in this country, it will be possible to watch blocked content.

Last interest: security and filtering

As part of a corporate network or a network in a school, it will serve as a filter: the server can for example choose to block websites predefined by filtering rules (pornography, social networks etc.).

Anonymity is not necessarily absolute with the use of a proxy, there are several levels of anonymity (the virtual browser often stores your IP address), the connection speed varying according to the level of anonymity (the highest level resulting in the slowest connection speed).

For Controlling the different accounts of different social and work accounts on the net, the use of the virtual browser comes handy. You can actually make use of the tool as you use it in professional works, specially in case of internet marketing. Surely this is something that you would need to have. But you don’t need to be a specialist in running it.