SEO Tips for 2020


SEO one of a few places which can never be ‘complete’ it is an ongoing process that is forever changing and evolving to cater for the need of search engine users and Google. With this in mind many companies throughout a wide range of industries are now already well underway for 2020, ensuring that they know all of the best SEO strategies for the year ahead, and ensuring that as many as possible are already in place.

Today we are here to provide a list of the hottest SEO trends set for 2020, with the ultimate intention of assisting as many companies as possible in growing online.

It is important for you to employ an SEO company in Lancashire so that they can make sure all of the best strategies are in place including the tips below.

2020 SEO Tips

Speed – Internet users love fast websites and therefore it is important that your website loads fast and that it boasts impeccable functionalities. In 2018 Google made mobile speed a priority as well as desktop meaning that it is now important for websites to loads quickly across all possible devices.

Local – Google has recently placed a growing emphasis on local products and this means that anything that affects your local listings is going to play a greater role than ever before next year. Utilising SEO is set to be highly beneficial for 2020, as Google has recently placed higher emphasis on geo-targeted services.

Reviews – Reviews have always bene important for businesses however in recent months they have become more important than ever before, with positive reviews for customers increasing visibility for companies online and allowing them to gain new custom.

Content – Google is constantly trying to provide its users with the best experiences and looks to provide users with quality content that are relevant to their queries. It is important for businesses to ensure that they aren’t just putting out a lot of content, but that content is quality and valuable to users.

Long-tail keywords – The need for longer search queries targeting precisely what users are looking for has become very important, with more website than ever before now online, and even more being set up on a daily basis.

Voice integration – The growing popularity of voice search has been on lists like this for a long time, however now it is really very important. Today voice search is now the regular means of search for many users, and these users need to be targeted as their custom is just as valuable as any other custom.