SearchSEO Review: How to Drive High-Quality Website Traffic Organically?


Why do you need Website Traffic?


Consistent traffic on websites is a key determinant for successful business growth. It helps you to:

  • See how effective your campaign works
  • Collect insights about your targeted audience to make the right strategies
  • Gain more customers, generate more sales and boost conversion rate
  • Enhance your SEO and Brand credibility


But getting these benefits need the correct strategy to drive organic traffic to your website as well as a focus on driving quality traffic.


There are no sure shot ways to buy organic traffic. You will need to invest a good amount of money in order to draw customers to your website and make them willing to buy your products and services.


It’s nice to have unique and highly engaging content on your blog or website, but sometimes that is not enough to get quality organic visitors who click around and end up buying products and services. For that, you need to get your website to rank higher on search engines, which will in turn drive sales and boost revenue.


There are a lot of websites and service providers are emerging every day that promise to drive huge organic traffic to your website. But, driving huge organic visitors can be a big deal, since the keywords are probably ranked by millions of other competing websites or businesses. How do you outrank your competitors and get the maximum share of all the traffic to your website?


That’s exactly where platforms like SearchSEO come in handy. It is one of the finest Seo tools in the market to increase the CTR and SEO ranking of your website in Google SERP.


Let’s find out more about organic website traffic generator in this SearchSEO Review:


Content Outline:      


  • SearchSEO Overview
  • Features of SearchSEO
  • SearchSEO Pricing
  • How to use SearchSEO?
  • Step One: Create a Campaign
  • Step Two: Set up your Campaign
  • Step Three: Publish your Campaign
  • Summary


SearchSEO Overview:


Try web traffic generator is the most authentic organic traffic generator tool that initiates real organic clicks to increase the ranking of your website.


It helps website owners and marketing agencies to improve the ranking positions of their set of keywords on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Also, SearchSEO offers automated organic traffic by manipulating CTR (Click Through Rate) of your keywords, so that you can outrank your competitors easily.


SearchSEO is really a handy tool to enhance organic traffic that will take your website to the number one position on Google and other popular search engines such as Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, and Yandex.


One vital feature of this tool is its ability to find out your website from any page on search engine result pages. Means; the tool can visit your website even if it’s appearing on Google’s search 2nd or 3rd page.


Kudos to SearchSEO, as it drives quality organic traffic and truly indexes a website by making use of the residential IP addresses linked to local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


SearchSEO is guaranteed to be a risk-free solution to boost the website’s ranking and CTR without getting a Google penalty. You can expect a striking growth in your SERP ranking and can track the CTR growth in the Google search console.


Features of SearchSEO:


Know some of the important features of SearchSEO that are listed below:


  • SearchSEO offers an intuitive and easy to navigate interface that will help you set up your campaign easily
  • You can create a new campaign, as well as stop or delete an old campaign as per you need
  • SearchSEO has an easy to understand dashboard with Quick links to other useful SEO tools
  • You can use geotagging to get more targeted traffic to your website from specific countries (150+ Countries are available)
  • SearchSEO can help you to increase the Alexa ranking of your website
  • Boost Traffic & Conversions with real Human Clicks
  • It is 100% Safe & Trackable using Google Search Console
  • High-Quality Traffic as it does not use bots or junk traffic
  • You can use Search SEO with 3 days of free trial, and you can test the results on your own
  • SearchSEO provides 24/7 Customer Support service


SearchSEO Pricing:

SearchSEO offers a completely free trial version with a limited feature that allows you to use the tool without giving any credit card details. You can cancel the subscription or get a paid plan after using the free plan for up to 3 days.


SearchSEO is a paid tool. You need to choose the best plan from one of their packages. The basic paid plan starts from $29/month for up to 25 search engine visits per day. There are also the medium, large, and ultimate plans that go for $49, $89, and $129 per month respectively. You can have more than one plan on the same account.

How to use SearchSEO?


To use SearchSEO, you’ll need to click on the “Free Trial” or “Sign Up” option on their official website here:


And then fill in the necessary information to get started with your SearchSEO account.


However, the registration process is simple and straightforward. Use an active email address while signing up as you need to confirm your account through email to verify your registration.


Then you’ll be redirected to the SearchSEO dashboard once you’re done verifying your account, then you can start using and testing the tool.


Step One: Create a Campaign



Here, click on “Create new project”, to create a new campaign for your own website.


You can delete or modify the already running campaign to create a new one, at any time according to your requirements.


Step Two: Set up your Campaign


To create your project, choose the credit size, name of the project, website URL along with the parameters such as a country name from where you want to drive targeted traffic from, mobile searches, bounce rate, page views, time on site, and so on.


Each of these parameters will affect your CTR considerably, so choose carefully.



Enter the set of keywords so that the automated traffic bot can find you on Google from, and also choose searches per day for each keyword. Note that your keywords must show your website URL in the top 10 search engine results on Google.


There is a limit to add the number of keywords to each campaign depending on your plan. If you are using a free trial, you cannot target more than one keyword while setting up your first campaign. You need to update your account with a premium package to add a set of keywords or a number of keywords.

Step Three: Publish your Campaign


After setting the required parameters, you can hit the “CREATE PROJECT” button and publish your project to get the automated traffic bot to click on your website when it searches for your specific keywords. After creating a campaign, the bot will start sending organic traffic to your website immediately.





Traffic to your website helps to boost your ranking, which in turn drives more traffic, but you need to make sure that the website is SEO optimized so that you can engage such visitors into your potential customers.


If your traffic increases, but your conversion rates decrease, you may not be getting the right traffic. But in the first place, you need to attract the right visitors to your website, who are most likely to convert into leads and customers.


It will not get better than SearchSEO if you want to increase the CTR (click-through rate) and don’t want to spend much money on that. SearchSEO is one of the best automated traffic generators and highly intuitive SERP manipulation tools for all business types.


As a handy SEO tool, the SearchSEO can be used for blogs, PBNs, adult websites, and eCommerce platforms. All you have to do is to buy plans that best fits your needs, enter your keywords, and create campaigns.


SearchSEO offers free traffic for 3 days, but it is not enough to see the results that you want to see. However, you will get used to the tool easily, and can take your first steps towards experiencing your SEO success!