Roku Live TV Channel Number List


Roku, a household name in the streaming device landscape, offers a vast array of live TV channels, ensuring users never miss out on their favorite shows, sports events, news broadcasts, and more. However, navigating through the vast number of channels can be overwhelming. This guide aims to simplify your Roku Live TV experience by providing a concise channel number list and additional insights.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Roku Live TV
  2. Popular Live TV Channels on Roku
  3. How to Find Channels on Roku
  4. Benefits of Roku’s Live TV Offering
  5. Conclusion

1. Introduction to Roku Live TV

Roku, initially known for its streaming devices, has expanded its horizon to provide a plethora of Live TV channels, partnering with both local and international broadcasters. This integration ensures Roku users can seamlessly switch between on-demand streaming and live television broadcasts.

2. Popular Live TV Channels on Roku

While it’s impossible to list every single channel due to the ever-evolving catalog, here are some popular live TV channels available on Roku, categorized by genre:


  • CNN (Channel 1125)
  • Fox News (Channel 1108)
  • MSNBC (Channel 1113)


  • ESPN (Channel 1205)
  • NBC Sports (Channel 1188)
  • NBA TV (Channel 1213)


  • ABC (Channel 1004)
  • CBS (Channel 1005)
  • NBC (Channel 1006)

Please note, channel numbers can vary based on regions and updates. It’s always a good idea to use the Roku search feature to find the most accurate and up-to-date channel numbers.

3. How to Find Channels on Roku

Navigating Roku’s interface is straightforward:

a. Home Screen Navigation: From your Roku’s home screen, scroll down to the ‘Live TV Channel Guide.’ b. Search Option: If you’re looking for a specific channel, use the search option and type in the channel’s name. c. Categories: Channels are also categorized by genres such as News, Movies, Sports, etc., making browsing simpler.

4. Benefits of Roku’s Live TV Offering

  • Diverse Range: From news broadcasts from around the globe to regional sports events, Roku ensures there’s something for every viewer.
  • Ease of Use: Roku’s intuitive interface ensures even those new to streaming can easily find their desired channels.
  • Affordability: Roku offers many free channels, and even the premium ones often come at a fraction of traditional cable costs.

5. Conclusion

Roku continues to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the streaming world with its expansive Live TV offering. With a vast and diverse channel list, users get the best of both worlds – traditional television and on-demand streaming. This guide, while not exhaustive, provides a stepping stone for those looking to explore the world of Live TV on Roku. Always check Roku’s official website or your device for the most updated channel list and numbers.