3 Advanced-Technology Charging Devices that Offer the Best Performance 


The Changing needs of consumers change the technology in the market too. And, the market of chargers and charging devices is no different. In this guide, we will be walking you through some amazing new technology lightning chargers and power banks that are absolutely worth the hype they’re seeing in the market. Dive in! 

  1. Mcdodo USB Type-C PD 10000mah Power Bank

This is an amazing power bank for iPhones. It has two versions. One is compatible with iPhone 11 and higher versions. And the other is compatible with iPhone X and higher versions. The iconic features of this new technology power bank that have made it one of the bestselling products of 2021 are as follows. 

  1. It is equipped with a high-quality digital display. 
  2. It doesn’t overheat itself and it also protects the phones from getting overheated.
  3. It charges the phones in less than half the time that normal power banks and conventional chargers take. 


  1. McDodo 4-in-1 Fast Charge Data Cable

It has 4 connectors, as you might have already guessed. The other features that are absolutely noteworthy are as follows. 

  1. This data cable is compatible with Android devices with a USB C port and all IOS devices. 
  2. It doesn’t overheat any device even when you’re charging 4 devices at the same time. 
  3. It has 4 modes – USB C to USC C, USB C to Lightning, USB A to USB C, and USB A to Lightning.

To put it simply, you don’t need multiple cables when you have this data cable. 

  1. Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger with Breathing LED

It’s a wonderful charger that offers multiple benefits that are just too good to overlook. 

  1. It is added with a new feature of a background LED halo that lets you check the battery status. It will also help you in finding your phone in absolute darkness. 
  2. The charger automatically disengages from charging the phone any further the moment the battery is full. It protects the phone and the phone’s battery from getting overheated. 
  3. The charging speed is 40% faster than most other similar products by other brands. 
  4. The zinc and nylon cords in the charging cable are properly braided so that it doesn’t break easily. 

You can explore more varieties of the Mcdodo charging cables on their website and buy the product that’s best suitable according to your requirements and budget.