NetbaseQuid: Top 4 Ways How Social Media Monitoring Can Help Your Business


Every day, more and more people engage in conversations that relate to your business or brand across various social media platforms. But how do you keep track of them?

In today’s digital society, social media monitoring is a key priority for every business. It is not just a communication platform but also a marketplace. Therefore, leveraging on the social conversations that happen on the platform is an integral part of any solid digital marketing plan.

But where do you begin?

First, you need to understand what social mead monitoring is all about. Just as its name, social media monitoring refers to tracking the mentions of your business online. It would help if you used a set tool to do that and wait for the result.

But what matters most is not how to do it, instead, it is the objective behind tracking the social media conversations behind your brand.

So why should you incorporate social media monitoring in your business?

  1. To Gauge Social Sentiment

What do people think and say about your brand? Almost everyone takes to social media tools to express their feelings about a certain brand. By reading the reviews that your customers leave online, you can collect a wealth of data that you can use in the creation of your next marketing campaign.

 It does not matter if there are a high number of mentions online. For it to be a success, most of the mentions should be positive. A high number of negative mentions online is a clear indication that you need to work on your marketing message and give it a new twist.

  1. To Find and Build Relationships

When you search for keywords and phrases relating to your brand, do you see people searching for products or services that you offer?

It would be best if you were ever-present and respond to all the mentions.

Failure to respond will make you lose big opportunities. People use social media to talk about things that matter to them. By tracking the conversations, you can find out what they care about and find ways to provide the solution through your business.

You do not have to make a sale. Just following through by replying to their conversation is enough to create trust in your brand and lead for future business.

  1. To Protect Your Brand

Your business reputation is one of the essential items that you should always protect. It can take a long time to build, but only seconds to lose it all.

By monitoring the various social media channels, you can quickly tell if something pops up that can be detrimental to your business. When a customer launches any complaint, you can quickly address it before it blows up.

According to a report by Conversocial, about 54 percent of customers prefer communicating with customer service through social media rather than over their phone. Moreover, according to Go Globe, more than 60 percent of people that launch complains expect a response within an hour. Failure to respond can lead to an increase in the churn rate.

However, when you rapidly respond to any complaint, you can increase your customer service advocacy by as much as 25 percent.

  1. To Stay Ahead of Trends

In the current market full of competition, you need to stay ahead of the trends if you want your business to not only survive but also thrive.

By monitoring conversations that lie within your niche, you can predict the changes in the market and revise your marketing strategy to fit in with the new changes.

Rather than getting lost in the crowd of an oversaturated market, it would be best if you found a way that you can always remain relevant within your industry.

Now that you know the above, which tool should you use when carrying out social media monitoring?

NetbaseQuid is a top-rated analytics platform that can help you track online conversations relating to your brand in real-time, allowing you to connect with other businesses and consumers ever second. Moreover, it can help you create top-performing campaigns and marketing strategies that make you stand out from the crowd in your industry.