Need Surveillance? Here are 3 Types of GPS Tracking Devices


In movies, a spy can track the location of a vehicle by secretly attaching a pack-of-cards-sized piece of hardware to a vehicle’s underside or inside its trunk. Then again, there are movies where quarter-sized hardware does the same thing. Why are these GPS devices different from the many others on the market? If you’re looking for a GPS car tracker in Singapore, there are options.

GPS Trackers Installed Directly into Your Home

An OBD II port isn’t necessary when the vehicle doesn’t have one. If you have a diesel truck with a different OBD standard, these are a good option. In addition to wireless devices, a hardwired car GPS tracker from Singapore can be hidden under the dashboard by placing the wires in a discrete location. Business owners who want to keep tabs on their vehicles will appreciate this feature.

Wearable GPS Trackers for Personal Use

As a safety precaution, hikers and hunters may carry a wristwatch-sized emergency locator beacon. In addition to a button that can send out a signal to request assistance, many of these devices also have a location indicator. Cellular networks are most commonly used for this purpose.

It is also possible to find a GPS tracker in Singapore that is as small as cell phones and has a screen. If you’re looking for a small piece to help you locate your keys around the house, keep in mind that many of these devices don’t use GPS at all, but instead rely on Bluetooth. These non-GPS devices are small and comfortable to wear, but they only provide tracking information when they are close enough to receive it.

Battery Operated GPS Trackers

It is possible to use these without relying on the power of a vehicle. To conserve battery power, these devices may send less information. Even when a vehicle isn’t moving, a GPS tracking device in Singapore sends data every minute or hour.

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