World class projection screen that you must buy


Top quality projection screens are necessary for viewers to project their favorite projections on to such screen that would be able to capture most of the projection as well as would be able to provide other necessary features that would bring users to these devices. These include capability to reject light from other sources that is not from the projector which we are going to use to project on the screen. Such is the ability that projection screens are now able to reject any kind of light from any other source such as sun or other lights that could have reflected on the screen just like we could find in TVs or monitors in our house. Parallax is one such technology that uses superior ambient light rejection technology to reject light from other sources and which is used by companies such as Da-Lite to manufacture parallax enabled screen for us to use as projector Russia screen in our home or at work.

Da-Lite 28848V 120in. Parallax Screen, Parallax UST 0.45 Surface (16:9)

Why Parallax is important?

Parallax enhanced projection screens provide us the opportunity of superior viewing rather than what we are used to from before. Parallax technology have enhanced our viewing experience and at the same time discarded the possibility of us having to close the curtains or disable any other light source that could reflect on our screen and at the same time make our viewing experience patchy at best. By using Parallax in their most recent projection screens Da-Lite have created a massively superior projection screen as their brand new line of projection screen that is supported by majority of the projectors which could be from full HD, 4K or even 3D viewing.

The best light rejection enabled projection screen that you need to know

Light rejection screen is always desired but not many companies had manufactured such projection screen and could harness the total power of light rejection on to these screens. Da-Lite Parallax Light Rejection Projection Screen have one of the best Parallax technology enhanced with light rejection technology with ambient light rejection feature which uses micro layered optical lens system. All of these are included in Da-lite ‘s latest line of projection screen that could force light from reflecting to the screen quite naturally. A aspect ratio support of 16:9 have also being used while designing this projection screen you could use it as your ideal movie or high definition video viewing experience.