Is it too late to learn to code?


Coding is timeless and it will remain to be so. If you are looking to learn to code, it means something in the recent past has sparked an interest. A good movie, or a friend at a party, must have inspired you. No matter what the reason, it is never too late to start to code. Learning code is like learning a new language. 

Websites like can help you with simple games and tasks to help you learn slowly and steadily. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn and there is no age limit to it. If age was the deciding factor to learn new skills, then the world would come to a halt. 

The code can be perceived as a complicated cookie to crack. This is only true if you are learning to use the computer and a keyboard for the first time. If you use the internet and work on a laptop in 2019, there is a good chance you will be a master of basic computers. Coding is just as simple as writing a letter to your boss, except your boss is a computer program. The letter is written in a script that only the program will understand. This is called a programming language. Programming for beginners is all about understanding how code works. Once you know what the purpose of a code is, it’s simple logical-reasoning to any problem point. 

Where does one start? 

People often think step one is learning how to write code. But step one is all about understanding what coding really is and what it does. Look online, or buy a book (if you are old-school). Try and get an understanding of what programing language is and where its applications are. Knowing what you are diving into before you do is always a good idea. This is also a helpful way to learn programming jargon, so you are not caught off guard when you get to the practices. 

Step two is getting to coding with small exercises. You can use the many free online websites to help you learn small chunks at a time. Websites like is ideal if you want to pick up small tasks and learn through interactive game to learn coding. Another alternative is YouTube. Even the most professional coders use YouTube videos to find answers when they hit a dead-end. 

Pro Tip: 

The only way to build a skill is by continued practice. Make sure you set time each day to learn to code. Also, practice what you learn. Coding like sports cannot be learned from reading books — You need to get down to regular practice.