Why you must not avoid social media marketing if you want to grow big



Do you own a website or a blog that is not attracting good enough traffic? You have been trying SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) for a while now but SEO is taking too long and you are still not so good with SEM. Have you thought about social media marketing? If not, you must.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM is the method of marketing your products, blogs or website on different social media platforms. You are working with paid ads on the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Why SMM is important

SMM is quite important these days if you really want to grow your business and want to attract good traffic. If you target on different social media platforms and stay active there, you will be able to create brand awareness easily. It is easier to sell to the people who trust you. These platforms help you gain that trust.

SMM with Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. You can target millions of people on Facebook easily with SMM. One thing to understand here is that targeting millions would cost a lot of money so you can create a Facebook fan page instead. It does not mean you are not going to work with paid ads but a fan page would help you save lots of money. Target people and ask them to join your Facebook group. Keep posting relevant and informational content on your Facebook fan page. If you are busy you can schedule posting with different apps. You just set a time and the scheduled posts would be posted automatically on the fixed time.

Why a fan page is necessary

A fan page with lots of useful information attracts people. If you bring a hundred people with paid ads, they will bring at least 20 people because of the information you are posting here. Also reply to people’s queries by yourself. It will increase your credibility.

SMM with Instagram

Instagram is another social media giant. Create an account and post relevant images with either something informational or a picture of your product.

Why you should go with paid marketing when you can work on SEO and generate free traffic

SEO is a long and hectic process. You will have to keep working not just to rank yourself on your first page but also to retain that position. On the other hand, social media marketing brings you constant traffic. Yeah, it does cost a little but you will be able to convert and get higher returns later.