How to Shut Down iPhone 12


Shutting down an iPhone 12 might be necessary for various reasons, such as conserving battery life, troubleshooting an issue, or simply turning off the device when it’s not in use. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to shut down the iPhone 12 using different methods.

1. Using Physical Buttons

  • Press and Hold the Right Buttons: On the iPhone 12, press and hold the Side button (also known as the Power button) along with either Volume button (Volume Up or Volume Down).
  • Slide to Power Off: A slider will appear on the screen with the label “slide to power off.” Swipe this slider from left to right to shut down the device.
  • Wait for the Process: The screen will go dark, and your iPhone 12 will be completely turned off.

2. Through the Settings Menu

If you prefer not to use the physical buttons, you can also shut down the iPhone 12 through the Settings menu:

  • Open Settings: Tap on the Settings app.
  • Navigate to General: Scroll down and tap on “General.”
  • Find the Shut Down Option: Scroll to the bottom of the General menu and tap on “Shut Down.”
  • Slide to Power Off: Just like with the physical buttons method, swipe the “slide to power off” slider from left to right.
  • Wait for the Process: The iPhone will power off.

3. Using AssistiveTouch (Accessibility Feature)

If you have difficulties using the physical buttons or prefer a touch-based method, you can use AssistiveTouch:

  • Enable AssistiveTouch: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch, then switch it on.
  • Open the AssistiveTouch Menu: Tap the on-screen AssistiveTouch button.
  • Navigate to the Shut Down Option: Tap “Device” > “More” > “Restart.”
  • Slide to Power Off: Swipe the slider to shut down the iPhone 12.

4. How to Turn the iPhone 12 Back On

To turn the iPhone 12 back on:

  • Press and Hold the Side Button: Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Release the Button: Let go of the Side button, and your iPhone 12 will continue to power on.


Whether for troubleshooting, battery conservation, or general maintenance, knowing how to shut down your iPhone 12 is a handy skill. With various methods available, you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. Always remember that turning off the iPhone 12 properly ensures that all tasks are closed safely, preserving the integrity of your data and the functionality of your device.