How Do I Recover All My Old Photos and Images?


Photo storage is often a pain because most people tend to store them in random places on their computer, have them attached or mixed up with images from chat apps we use like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, or they just get lost on the physical storage of one of our old laptops, PCs, smartphone or tablet devices. Worse still, they get lost inside an old SD card that is not compatible with our new phone or a new device. 

If you are looking for a way to gather all your old digital photos into one place then read our suggestions on how you can recover every digital photo you have ever taken plus digitalize old photos from the day when Kodak film was popular.

You will need a PC or large physical storage space to gather your entire lifetime’s worth of images. You can either use your home PC, laptop or go to a shop and purchase an external hard drive with plenty of storage space on it.

Gather All You Old Devices and Tech

This is the physical part of the task ahead. You will need to gather your old tech into one place. Start to separate/organize them by splitting them into devices that work, SD cards you can access, and devices you can access via a USB connection to your computer.

Upload All Pics to Your Storage Device

The best and quickest way to gather all your old photos is to use a photo stick device. The photo stick is a USB device that auto searches your entire hard drive for images and photos. It then automatically uploads them to its USB storage. Once complete, you can then transfer those photo and image files to your main storage device. 

You can select which areas of your computer to search for photos too. Therefore, if you plug in an SD card reader or smartphone to your computer, you can tell the photo stick to search these devices and capture all photos and images. Next, plug in the photo stick device to your tablets that are still working. It will do the same job as described above so you can transfer all the photos. 

At this point, you will have recovered all photos and images from every device that you are able to access effortlessly using the photo stick. You will not have had to waste any time searching folders and manually cutting and pasting.

Take All Your Other Devices and SD Cards to a Photo Store

Your final step is retrieving all your photos from your SD cards and devices that no longer boot. At the same time, you can take all of your old Kodak films there too. The photo store will have the equipment to extract all your lost photos and images. They will likely place them all on a CD which you can take home and use the photostick to grab them from your DVD drive.