Hard Drive Data Recovery at Belfast


Since 2002, Data Clinic Ltd. has been providing its data recovering services across various UK locations. It is considered the best company for data recovery. The services are provided only if there is any chance of the recovery of the data. Else there are no fees asked for diagnosing the chances of recovery.

How are the services offered?

The cost of recovery is given before starting the data recovery work. A call or form is used to enquire the details, and the quote is provided. A courier is arranged to collect the hard drives from the office or home. It costs zero charges. After checking the chances of the recovery, the costs of retrieving the data are told to the customer. Customers are kept updated with all the details regarding the data recovery process either through email or the call. After the lost data is restored, the new hard drive is used to store the data and is handed over to the customer.

Belfast Data Recovery Services:

The services provided at the Belfast lab are secure and safe. The data is protected, and privacy is maintained as the processes used are reliable. Extra care is taken for sensitive data. Three service levels are provided. These service levels are emergency, priority, and standard. It usually takes 5-10 days to recover the data if standard service is chosen. Urgent recovery of data can be asked under the priority package or emergency service. 24/7 service is available for the customers. The service team is friendly and has experience and knowledge. Data recovery services provided at Belfast include hard drives, solid-state drives, mobile phones, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, CCTV, RAID and NAS servers, external and USB drives, forensic data recovery, etc. All the damaged, faulty, water-damaged, and corrupted devices are repaired at the Belfast location.

Causes of the failure of the hard drive: 

The hard drive might experience damage due to electrical, mechanical, and logical errors. The mechanical errors like the clicking or beeping sound of the hard drive after the power on. It can be due to the strong knock or bang on the hard drive. The hard drives’ logical failure throws symptoms like the folders and files are not accessible, it is overwritten, etc. It might be due to the bad sectors, or the data might have been corrupted, etc. The electrical failure includes the hard drive’s incapability to spin, the hard drive might get hot often, or it goes unrecognized by the computer. It can be caused due to the damage caused by the power surge, or the wrong cable is used.

These problems and faults can be repaired, and the hard drive data recovery is done in Belfast.