Basic features of Bitcoin transactions


Obtaining a cryptocurrency wallet is a must-have option nowadays. It is due to the growing use of digital technologies and the innovative formats of cash transactions. Bitcoin wallet is easy to use and manipulate when handling business operations and completing personal needs. This technology also becomes available for stealing personal details. The cash transactions are traceable on the blockchains and can be directly visible to the public. This issue should be solved to provide safety and protective options for dealing with crypto wallets. The new format of mixing technologies with is successfully achieved and will cope the problem quickly. The leading bitcoin mixer is mixing your coins with others giving you the same amount of untraceable crypto in return.

Working moments of crypto mixing services

If you choose the innovative method of protecting your business info and personal data there is nothing to worry about. The process of mixing coins is available with the following options:

  • Worldwide support gives you the excellent opportunity to choose from a range of languages including English, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, and more.
  • Successful mixing services are applied to the leading cryptocurrency BTC, LTC, and DASH.
  • Advance privacy is offered using only the minimum data for the confirmation process which is deleted after completion.
  • Protection of future transactions is achieved with a personal code that the crypto owner receives ensuring users that the same Bitcoin will be never performed.
  • Bonus programs are available with users proposing additional earnings if they invite new clients (API loyalty programs are also available).
  • Legibility is the main feature implemented in the Letter of Guarantee signed and confirmed with the main Bitcoin mixer account.
  • Security and safety of transactions are available with simple step-by-step instructions and filling in the form on the main site.