Guy Galboiz Shares Some Effective Tips for Social Media Marketing


When you get it right, social media marketing can help boost your marketing campaign. Here are some tips shared by Guy Galboiz to help you.


Today, social media has more than 4 billion users. As such, it forms an excellent marketing tool you can use to take your business to the next level. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to connect and interact with your target market and even build your brand. However, to achieve desired results, you have to get it right. And that is where Guy Galboiz; a technology entrepreneur comes in. Read on to learn effective social media marketing tips shared by the tech expert.

Come up with a social media strategy

If you want social media marketing to take your business to a higher level, you need to come up with a strategy. The strategy must consider where you are and where you want to be in the near future. You need to start by coming up with objectives that you want to achieve. You may want to create brand awareness, gain followers, improve engagement, improve customer service and increase traffic to your site. After that, you need to have a strategy on how you can achieve the objectives and the tactics you will use. At this stage, you need to choose appropriate social networks to use, develop content themes and have a post frequency. Also, determine if you will outsource or use your staff to make it happen.

Know your audience or target market

To come up with the most appealing content for your audience, you need to understand them. It is essential to conduct market research to know their age, interests, purchasing power, their preferred social media channels, what they are looking for online, and more. This will help come up with valuable and appealing content that will make them trust your brand, visit your website and follow your business on social platforms.

Use valuable content and quality visuals

Most businesses post content just for the sake of posting. That is very wrong. You need to craft content this is adding value to your audience. It is important to use art of storytelling to ensure the content serves the purpose. Most people connect to stories rather than promotional contents. Besides, your content should be exciting, engaging and have high quality visuals such as images and videos. What’s more, ensure that your brand image, content and posting frequency is consistent.

Utilize feedback to get better

As a technology entrepreneurand expert, Guy Galboiz knows that feedback is key in making your business better. As such, you should utilize the feedback to improve your customer service or even improve your products or services. You just need to check the comments, likes and dislikes. Learn to appreciate those who like and don’t like your business. Engage those who are dissatisfied and address their issues, that is if you can.

Use social media influencers and paid ads

If you want your message to reach a wider audience, you may need to hire social media influencers and paid ads. Influencers are people with a huge following on social media platforms and you will have to pay them so that they can share your posts or even recommend your business to their audience. Influencerstogether with social media paid ads will help your business reach a wider audience, create brand awareness, strengthen brand credibility, and drive high quality traffic to your website.

About Guy Galboiz

Guy is an expert in digital marketing. He runs Galboiz Marketing Agency that focuses on online marketing automation and monetization. Besides, he owns a group of companies that includes B-Capital, ClickLogiq, Protonix, among others that specialize on FinTech trading and lending platforms, IT, SaaS CRM platforms, among other things. What’s more, he is a successful investor and technology entrepreneur.

Final Words

It’s true that social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter can help increase your brand awareness, generate more traffic, and in the end, boost your sales. However, to achieve that, you must use social media platforms in the right way. And that iswhere the above Guy Galboiz tips for social media marketing come in. Use the tips together with other digital marketing strategies, and you will not be disappointed.