Guest Post Content Types that Help Your Link-Building Efforts


Guest posting is one of the most effective strategies to construct a high-quality backlink profile, allowing you to establish brand authority in your sector, increase organic traffic, and drive clicks back to your site. Landing page links, on the other hand, are virtually usually removed by the editor before publication. Guest posting is a more legal way to increase your backlink profile than pestering editors, and it will help you land the most opportunities. Add these pieces of content to your blog schedule if you want to kickstart your guest posting program. Use them to gain additional guest writing chances.

Case Study

A case study demonstrates your brand’s worth, making it a valuable piece of content to have, whether or not you use it for guest posting. It’s also great for generating backlinks because data backs up your claim — and it’s even better if you have a visual from the case study that you can incorporate in your piece. This is a wonderful piece of material to link to within a guest post if it expands on the point you’re making. That is to say, your blog post should be closely related to your case study so that you can include it in the article without being promotional.

Acquire social media visibility

The more individuals you reach with your material, the more likely you are to receive links from them. Beyond sharing on your social media accounts, social media advertising is the quickest way to reach out to your target demographic.

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Make contact with influencers

People who are most likely to connect to your material should be contacted. You can contact experts if you’ve interviewed them or referenced them in your publications. You can also check for bloggers who have already started linking to each other. You can contact the blog author and the author who generated a link to a comparable post using the information from that report to let them know about your content. Aim for the most current post if you want a high success rate.

Contribute Valuable Content to Guest Posts

With your guest posting efforts, great material will help you achieve high-quality placements. These pieces allow you to offer fresh ideas while also providing value to the reader by automatically including a link back to your site. Use this type of guest posting to establish thought leadership, create content that will drive SEO value for years to come, and establish partnerships with publishers that will help your business again and again. All this is helpful provided you know where to submit your guest post.

Monitor and Track

Guest posting takes a lot of time. To ensure that you can do it efficiently, don’t skip deadlines, and finish all of the posts you’ve promised to write. Maintaining any form of tracking system can be beneficial. This might be as easy as a spreadsheet that keeps track of whom you’ve pitched to. Include information about your interactions and post-submission deadlines.