SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2021


SEO strategies are constantly changing, so one thing is sure: ignoring current search engine algorithms and SEO trends will only hurt your website and business in the long run. To make sure your website—and ultimately your business—is found by as many people as possible, you must first pay attention to your SEO.

Here are 7 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021—

1. Do nothing

Failing to create a clear SEO strategy is itself a bad strategy. Maybe SEO gives you a headache just thinking about it. No problem. Hire online reputation management services who can help you make a plan. The worst mistake you can make is to do nothing at all.

2. Ignore mobile optimization

Now that we’re in 2021, it’s time to assume that much of (if not most!) website traffic is coming from mobile devices. Which is why search engines like Google prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. So in addition to making sure your website looks good on a cell phone, you’ve got to make sure it loads in 3 seconds or fewer.

3. Duplicate content

While publishing identical content on multiple pages of your website may not penalize you, it will likely lower your SEO ranking. And since ranking is the name of the SEO game, you want to create fresh content whenever and wherever possible.

4. Stuff keywords

While stuffing keywords—or overloading keywords in order to cheat the search engine system—was at one time a fairly successful trick from the SEO playbook, it is no longer advantageous. In fact, search engines have gotten smart enough to detect keyword stuffing and will actually decrease your SEO ranking if they suspect you are cramming keywords into your content.

That said, reverse SEO is still a good strategy if you need to bury a negative web page.

5. Buy backlinks

Another old trick from the SEO playbook was buying backlinks—or paying other websites to link back to yours—but it is no longer a good option. While backlinks are still a very strategic and important way to build your SEO, the relevancy of the links matters much more than the quantity. If the site linking back to yours is considered suspicious in any way, it will now harm your website’s credibility and SEO ranking as well.

6. Underestimate quality

Today’s savvy search engines can easily distinguish quality from quantity. And one of the biggest SEO errors people are making today is focusing on quantity of pages instead of quality of content. A well-written, well-organized blog post or web page will always be worth more than 10 sloppy or disorganized posts or pages. So focus on quality. 

7. Add nothing

Adding value is one of the quickest, smartest strategies for SEO growth over time. Don’t look at your competition and seek to duplicate their success—outmatch it by providing additional value. Every time you use a target keyword, for example, ask yourself, “What can I say that hasn’t been said? How can I add to the conversation?” 

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