SEO DIY – When You Can’t Afford An SEO Agency In Singapore


If you have established a brand-new web-based organisation or business venture, you are likely working diligently to develop a practical and efficient marketing strategy for your endeavour. One of the goals of your business enterprise should include maintaining a consistent stream of traffic going to your website, which can be achieved through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, it is essential to set aside a budget after determining the current SEO pricing in Singapore

SEO – Why Your Online Business Needs It

Search Engine Optimisation helps your website to rank higher on the search engine result page. When a consumer does searches on a search engine using terms or key phrases linked or connected with your service, you have higher opportunities to rank on the search results page with well-planned SEO strategies put in place. They tend to click on the first few websites and are less likely to explore beyond page one of the search engine results page. While hiring an SEO agency in Singapore is a growing demand, SEO is doable with or without the guidance of a specialist.

The Truth About SEO Pricing 


You might figure out that your starting organisation might not have the budget to meet most of today’s SEO cost in Singapore. Does the process and idea of SEO stop when you do not have something to cash in? The answer is ‘no’. SEO is pretty much doable even when you do not have the budget. The truth is, SEO services pricing in Singapore compared to other countries greatly differ, depending on the services included in the package and the agency’s rate as well.

The Basic SEO Service

Basic SEO services allow you to experience SEO without value-added strategies. These basic services often include:

  • content optimisation
  • keyword research that fits your niche
  • a website audit
  • link building
  • page speed optimisation
  • user experience

Some SEO companies or vendors might include more services with varying rates since not all SEO pricing in Singapore is the same. 

You can think of these basic services as a component from a whole structure. If you cannot afford or are unsure of buying a whole chicken, you can opt for a quarter leg or drumstick part. Now apply the analogy to the SEO services. You get the idea!

SEO Pricing On A Full ‘Package’ Solution

It is a standard that most SEO agencies today offer a packaged and comprehensive SEO solution. A sizable business that demands a large scope of SEO work would usually opt for packaged services instead of a single service to achieve and maximise the impact of SEO efforts on their website. 

We can safely estimate that most SEO pricing in Singapore for packaged or full SEO solutions would range from about a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars (give it at least a rough estimate between $250 for the cheapest up to $3500+ for more big-time SEO agencies).


DIY SEO: What Can I Do?

SEO is still pretty much doable even if you do not have the budget or are unwilling to spend on a professional SEO agency in Singapore. However, some may find (or even argue) that DIY SEO is tricky or hardly working at all. But one of the beautiful things about the Internet is that there are many different methods and ways you can learn for free. Theoretically speaking, you can still apply even the basic SEO principle to your site and still experience improvement.

Besides, the truth is that many websites today got where they are via doing a DIY method even if you do not have the budget yet to meet the standard for most SEO pricing in Singapore. They manage to succeed out of sheer hard work, proper learning, and patience. It serves to value what search engines and human visitors truly look for and why most websites find it so challenging.

What Do Search Engines & Visitors Usually Look For In A Website?

In most internet search engine articles you read these days, search engines are portrayed as somewhat comparable to decoding a foreign language on the web. You could hardly understand what the algorithm wants, and you do not know the exact reason for the dip in ranking. It seems impossible to win without having a big budget to hire the finest SEO agency in Singapore.

The trouble is that most individuals forget that the competitors in between search engines today are so keen that their main motive can only be something – to end up being the leading search engine. When they get there, they aim to maintain that placement for as long as possible. 

Instead, they need to concentrate on the customer to accomplish this goal, not just on the search engine algorithm. The customer or client is the individual using their preferred search engine to seek all sorts of information and niche. This is one key perspective that most local SEO companies in Singapore look for. They balanced out the compliance on both the algorithm and the human visitors.

Everyone chooses to use an online search engine that is as quick and helpful as possible in obtaining what they seek. It’s truly that simple. All changes in policies and rules in search engine algorithms can just be driven by a single purpose – to become better in the consumer’s eyes.


Backlinks & Content

Websites with high quality backlinks (websites with links pointing to your sites) have a higher possibility of ranking on search engines. It is one of the metrics for determining your site rank hence why many SEO agencies in Singapore are improving their way of obtaining backlinks for clients.

Apart from the backlink, content is one of the biggest factors in SEO. You should be aware of the need to deliver high-quality content. Whether it’s a well-constructed copywriting, a high-quality picture, or a meaningful video, always remember that content is king. 


Remember that SEO is one of the important components you utilise in your web-based business’s extensive advertising and marketing program. By creating a comprehensive SEO program and well-thought marketing strategy, you will surely succeed in your online business journey well right into the future!

Investing in a professional and reputable SEO agency in Singapore with experience in the industry will likewise aid your online business endeavour to pinpoint crucial areas that require improvement and grant a working solution that adheres to your goal.