Top 10 Must-Have SEO Plugins for WordPress Sites


Most websites on the Internet own the majority of their traffic to search engines. This means that you have to optimize your website for those engines or unless you won’t have very high rankings. If you have a local business like many people in Australia, SEO services are very important because otherwise, you miss the chance to reach out to potential buyers from other parts of the country or the world. Lower rankings mean less chance of development for your business. To do so you can rely on effective digital marketing strategies, specifically SEO and content marketing. We will present some of the most popular ones that can be helpful for your website.

1. All In One SEO for WordPress (AIO SEO)

AIO SEO is used by more than 2 million people. Let´s present its benefits.

1.    Easy setup wizard and  jargon

2.    You don’t need to update a post just to change SEO titles because the checklist includes a smart meta tag generator that updates a year, month, day, etc.

3.    It has a built-in social media integration so you can choose which image or thumbnail you want to show when your pages are shared on social media websites.

4.    It comes with SEO user roles, so you can manage access without handing over control of your website.

2. SEMRush

This is also a very comprehensive tool that integrates several useful characteristics.

1.    It finds organic keywords and searches terms that you can rank for.

2.    It allows you to do competitive research and see which keywords your competitors rank for, and how you can beat them.

3.    It helps you improve your website content to beat the top 10 results for your focus keyword. 

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3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool.

1.    It alerts you when Google is unable to crawl and index pages on your website.

2.    it shows which keywords your website is ranking for, anchor texts, average position, impressions, and more.

3.    It optimizes your content by finding those keywords. You can also use this keyword data to come up with new blog post ideas.

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4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has a wonderful interface and good updates along with user-friendly options for your blogs.

1. It has a  website with excellent customer service and a blog that gives you useful information about SEO, and also courses for all levels of knowledge.

2. Yoast SEO premium offers you keyword optimization for five keywords on a page, previewing what your page will look like on Twitter and Facebook

3. A readability check allows you to see if you need to break up paragraphs or add stuff like numbered lists or headers/footers.

4. The plugin detects if you have duplicate content on your page or post.

5. SEOPress

SEOPress is the next tool that we will describe.

1. No ads

2. Completely white labeled with no footprints even in the free version.

3. Simple, fast, and powerful, letting you manage all of your titles and meta descriptions for posts/pages/post types/terms.

4. Quick and easy Twitter meta tags and Facebook open graph data (premium).

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular alternative to SEMRush.

1.  All-in-one SEO tool for marketers, bloggers, and businesses. 

2.   It does keyword research, competition analysis, backlink research, monitors keyword rankings, and more.

3.   Detailed content analysis tool that helps you improve content while targeting specific keywords.

7. Rank Math

Rank Math is a good AIO SEO alternative. It allows you to:

1. optimize your website for search engines and social media.

2.    imports data from other SEO plugins during the setup.

3.    add meta title, description, and Open Graph metadata to your blog posts

4.    generate an XML sitemap, connect Google Search Console

8. WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket Review is the best for ranking higher with site speed.

1. performance boost which will help your page rank

2.    top-notch customer support

3.    It’s a cache plugin and works well in combination with an SEO plugin

9. MonsterInsights

The MonsterInsights plugin is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress websites. It offers:

1.  Connecting to Google Search Console and track your site’s top keywords.

2.  See your eCommerce SEO performance by tracking which products are the most popular and how all products are performing.

3.  Track the top outbound links from your website to see which ones people are clicking on.

10. TinyPNG

TinyPNG is a website and not a plugin but we will mention it because:

1.  Compresses your images without loss of quality so you can speed up your site.

2.  Completely free.

3.  Allows for up to 20 images to be uploaded at a time, more for paid accounts.

4.  Straightforward and easy to use.

These 10  tools have been our choice for all those who want an efficient and powerful SEO instrument for their business. You can choose some of them based on what you need for your website. We recommend you learn at least basic things about the most popular SEO plugins whether you prefer professionals to do your SEP or you want to do it yourself.