Features A Person Can Have From Data Catalog Product


If you’ve been trying to get more people to your website, you may be considering using data catalog products. These tools can help a person reach a larger audience and target specific groups of viewers for promotional campaigns. Here we will list some of the features data catalog products usually offer so you can better evaluate which one is best for your needs.

With so many options on the market, it’s often hard to decide which type of data catalog product is best for your company. Don’t worry; we have listed the most common features that different types of data catalog products offer in this information.

1. Dataset Evaluation:

The program will let you enter a name and description of the dataset you want to provide in this feature. Once submitted, the program will create a link to your data hosted on their website. Then, you can download your dataset for offline use.

2. Graphical Interpreter:

A graphical interpreter is a tool that allows users to see how each data item in their dataset looks like as a graph and will be able to analyze them freely. This tool allows users to transform or alter different features of their datasets before they are uploaded, thus allowing them to modify them in any way they see fit before publishing them on their website.

3. Extraction:

Extraction is downloading and extracting a dataset from the data catalog product you are using. Most online data catalog products will have an extraction button for this, where you can press it, and then you will be able to download your dataset into your computer, or anywhere else on the web for that matter!

4. Chart Creation:

This gives users access to all types of charts offered with it, such as line graphs, pie charts, etc. You can use this to create your own chart based on the data you already have or insert new datasets in other existing charts.

5. Reviewer:

Reviewers are tools that help users check if their data is free from errors, if it can be considered valid information that is helpful for others, or if it’s too vague and might not be useful. In addition, they help uncover errors in data so you can fix them before making the final publication of your dataset on your website.

Reviewers are extremely helpful in catching errors and mistakes that might affect the way people perceive and consume your dataset. They ensure that your data will be as precise and accurate as possible before publishing it for everyone to see on your website.


These are just a few of the most common features that different types of data catalog products offer, but these are the ones most users will look for and use the most. However, if you are looking for something with more features to offer, then it’s better to choose a data catalog product that offers almost everything you need in one package.