Everything You Need To Know About Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion rates can be improved. Even brands invest in CRO strategy and impressively increase their conversion rates. Here are some common actions large organizations follow to increase their conversion rates.

  • Multiple A/B testing creates an ideal page. Test for CTA. Headline, font size, body text, images, etc.
  • Map buyers’ journey to get an idea if they read your blogs or follow you on social media.
  • Use the heatmap tool to focus on your landing and product pages. You get an inkling of how the page is used and optimize it for conversion improvement.
  • Strategically using directional indicators like CTA help to guide customers about what action you desire them to take.

What is the conversion rate?

CR is the percentage or ratio of your website users and visitors, who complete your desired marketing goal. An optimized landing website or page helps to get significant good results. The outcomes of every page are calculated as conversion rates. The chosen or specified marketing metrics will help you identify the visitors that converted to leads and paying customers. If you aim to increase CRs then follow the crucial KPIs [key performance indicators] –

  • Monthly website traffic
  • Product sales
  • Email sign ups
  • Qualified leads number
  • Webinar registration
  • CTA-associated conversion rates
  • And more

You get an insight into which pages convert and the ones that don’t. In this way, you can have the non-converting pages optimized to start generating leads that convert.

Significance of conversion rate optimization

Active Marketing CRO service can help to generate quality leads, thus enhancing sales without disturbing existing traffic or marketing budget. It means no need to pay extra for ads; you will be using current web traffic and making more money.

  • You generate extra income with current traffic.
  • CAC or customer acquisition rate is reduced because current traffic is converting. Therefore your sales increase and the acquisition per customer cost reduces.
  • CRO helps to concentrate on quality web traffic. You focus on channeling the traffic towards optimized web pages that convert.

Helpful CRO strategies to enhance conversion rates

  • Social proof is a psychological marvel that influences people to act. 83% of buyers admit that their buying decision is based on recommendations. So, use social proof in your CRO strategy to strengthen conversion rates. Social proof conveys trust and can boost your credibility.
  • CRO tools are crucial for generating leads. You can evaluate your site using the tools and identify the reasons for the lack of conversion. Optimize your site based on the resulting data and increase conversions.
  • Video content is a powerful marketing tool. It conveys the brand message visually, which is more effective. Explainer videos with visual and audio features help to explain ideas easily. Consumers adore watching video content rather than the length of text.
  • The website conversion funnel process includes the following steps – awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion. Define each step in detail to make the conversion funnel perform well.

Implementing strategies randomly is not a great idea. You have to find out what works by running tests. Make changes and re-evaluate every step.