Best Paid Press Release Distribution


It is known that press release is a vital tool for small or big businesses. It takes the brand to targeted community who is looking for any news regarding the products or services the businesses have to offer.

That being said press releases aren’t what they used to be in the good olden days. As business owners you can’t expect your PR would be picked up by the Wall Street Journal or have it covered in the other mainstream media channels. We aren’t trying to intimidate you and asking you to turn your back on press release distribution.

There are press release distribution services that come into picture here. They distribute the press releases to reporters and/or news outlets. A PR helps companies get publicity and help reach large targeted audience quickly and helps businesses to tap into newer markets fairly quickly.

Needless to say most businesses embark on PR campaigns just so they can market their products/services.

There are different press release distribution services free and for a free so that you can pick your choice. While free press release distribution can be enticing, remember that you get what you pay for and thus a free PR distribution will not guarantee marketers sizeable advantages. More so when growth of the business is the agenda the free PR distribution service doesn’t work.

Now that you chose to go with a  paid press release distribution service, what next? Picking the PR writing or distribution services from a PR agency is the next step in the right direction. Not all of the several PR agencies out there are trustworthy. You cant bet your money on mediocrity, can you? In order to help those businesses that are seeking budget media outreach services, I have sorted this list of 5 best paid press release distribution services for businesses, big and small both.

1. PR Distribution™

Many small businesses and startups take PR Distribution™ as their preferred service because of its effective and affordable press release distribution. Their service comes for a modest price $49 with a PR plan to costing $99 without a plan.

PR Distribution™ is a dedicated PR agency offering holistic service; right from getting the press release writing to distribution service. The higher priced service gives businesses the edge to stand out from their competition because the press release is published on over 100 premium news outlets. All of the plans are built on a system that is totally spam-free, SEO-optimized distribution. This helps in quick and legitimate ranking for keywords in search engines.

2. Send2Press

Send2Press is another press release writing and distribution service whose plans start at as low as $29. This one can distribute your PR to several high-profile quality news channels, the including print, AP National, as well as social media websites.

There is free proofreading and editing service especially for small business owners. The only setback of this service is their poor and limited customer support.

3. PR Newswire

If you want to take advantage of release based on demographics (as in state, city or nation), or readers profile (gender, ethnicity and age) or the niche then you should look at PR Newswire press release distribution service. Because it gives you tailored release.

Owing to this advantage mid-level business who are aware of their audience and who can shell out some money for the extended outreach can go for this service. For a price of $350 a 400-worder press release is distributed. More words in your release will call for more fee.

4. PR Underground

Here is one press release distribution service that several businesses look up to. The PR Underground offers high-quality PR distribution. Pay $49.99 to see your press release distributed to high ranked Google News,, and 80+ syndicated TV and news channels and also social media websites. In case you want even larger distribution, you could pay more and further the reach of your PR.

5. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire is a press release distribution service that helps businesses aiming to have their press release distributed across all news outlets. For standard distribution Easy Newswire allows for 600 words press release and allows up to 1000 words for a premium pro distribution. Allowing images and/or videos is possible with the premium packages. If you opt for a basic package, be informed that it isn’t very effective and extra fee has to be paid for extra effective services from them.


Before zeroing on a service consider the kind of coverage you want to achieve and also the services that will provide you with the coverage, be it online presence, or search visibility, acquisition of new audience, or positive brand engagement, or confidence of buyers. Consider about your specific audience and the services that will get your message out to and your targeted demographics

After reviewing the various parameters of services including writing, proof reading and editing of PRs, pricing, word count restrictions, use of multiple content options, and distribution network in addition to customer support of the different press release distribution services I think the best press release distribution for businesses is PR Distribution™. So press release writing and/or distributing the PR across news outlets to reach target audience isn’t that difficult at all.

If a PR agency provides analytics and follows up after releasing the news, then rest assured it is the best bet. You don’t have to take the face value of what I am saying here so take a call based on figures and analytics for yourself. Just so you know there is a free press release checklist at their website to help their customers. You might want to check it and then take an informed decision of what is the one that works for you and what won’t. To end, remember that even the PR distribution service will not guarantee you sales despite giving best coverage. For a release to translate to sales the product you are offering should be worthy.

For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at