Save Your Life With ISO 26262


The prevention is far better than cure as we all know it is a true saying of all times. The automobile production companies have taken this quote seriously and taken an important step towards securing the aftermath of any vehicle purchased. The automobile industries have flourished with good reviews from all its customers and that is possible only because of its responsibility to take care of the customer.

To meet the requirements of the customer before buying the vehicle or any automobile the company takes care of its requirement and work accordingly to meet the need. ISO 26262 has taken responsibility towards ensuring a better future for every automobile industry when the security and safety is concerned.

What does ISO 26262 stand for?

In 2011 one set of practices was released by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) along with it IEC i.e., International Electro technical Commission to look after the concerns related to the functional safety of the electronic systems and that is what we know as ISO 26262.

The safety

Each industry mandatorily has a borderline to ensure the requirements for the safety of the customer. For automotive electronics it is ISO 26262, which defines functional safety as: “The absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by malfunctioning behaviour of electrical / electronic systems.”  Its objective is to deliver a unifying security standard for all automotive electrical and electronic (E/E) safety-related systems.

Benefits of ISO 26262

  • Applying ISO 26262 ensures that the high level of security is built into car mechanisms right from the start.
  • This Standardization encompasses the risk of the customers. They certify the credibility of the automobile.
  • The makers are the savers! Implementation of the ISO 26262, the car industries have promised a better future to all of us.

There are 9 normative divisions which act as a guideline for the safety measures to follow.

They are as follows

·         Vocabulary

·         Management of functional safety

·         Concept phase

·         Product development at the system level

·         Product development at the hardware level

·         Product development at the software level

·         Production, operation, service, and decommissioning

·         Supporting processes

·         Automotive Security Integrity Level (ASIL) and safety oriented analysis

·         Guideline on ISO 26262


ISO 26262 is the safety measures that not only ensure a customers well being but also the longevity of the respective producing companies. Apart from that this course of action benefits both the buyer and the seller in the long run.