Automatic Text Summarization tool to browse on internet


Looking online for a specific topic is very common in the world today. Information on everything can be gotten from just clicking on a button. However we may not always get the exact information we need directly from the search engine. We still need to read through small paragraphs under every link to be able to get what it is really about. These small paragraphs are actually summaries of the article itself. There are billions of data available on the internet, and even millions more uploaded every day, so having to manually summarize articles is a really tedious task. One would want to make a concise summary of the actual article, but there are so many instances relating to such summaries available.

Search engines make use of tools to automatically summarize text in order to create concise summaries for long documents. A summarizer is a system which extracts phrases and sentences from a text and rearranges them in a suitable and readable manner corresponding to the meaning of the document. This results in a much shorter text than the original document. This is the system used by computers to understand human language.

Two major approaches to automatic summarization are:

  1. Extractive Method
    2. Abstractive Method

The extents of text summarization is classified according to its type of input (single document or multiple documents), its purpose (generic), its specific domain, query-based and type of output (extractive output or abstractive output).

Extractive text summarization method chooses phrases and sentences from a document to make a new summary. Its techniques selects the most essential to the source document by a ranking system.

Abstractive text summarization method produces new sentences and phrases which reflect the meaning of the original document. It is more demanding and its results more genuine since it is ultimately used by man. Its technique selects and compresses source document content and may also have words absent from the source text.

The extractive method is more successful and used widely because of its easier tactic and availability. However, the abstractive method has more general resolutions to the problem of abstraction.