7 ways to increase your law Firm Websites conversion rate 


Does Traffic landing on your Law Firm Website, but not generating enough conversions?

That means Conversion rate optimization is what you need for your website, as your users are not turning into clients! It’s very important for a law firm or any business to have a money converting website, as you keep investing and getting no conversions will stagnate your growth rate, which ensures an uncertain future.

Conversion rate optimization service is converting the visitors of your website to clients of your law firm! If your website is not generating much conversions is due to poor content, or website. That could be easily solved by making your website more relevant and reliable for your visitors.

For which you need to make sure that the Web developer is an expert in SEO as well, as some of the things that Optimizes your conversion rate are basic SEO hacks. If your website lacks those then your SEO won’t be doing well either.

7 ways to optimize your conversion rate are

  1. Content
  2. Reliability
  3. Call To Action
  4. Chat Option
  5. Media
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Pop-ups


The what and how should be explained clearly in a compelling manner. What is the problem that the client is facing? And how can they contact you? The copy should have direct action triggers and should talk about what problems you solve, in your law firm.

The content should be short and direct with persuasive statements and benefits or merits should be in bullet points, i.e, readable and compelling content should be there.


Being a lawyer’s website, People need the credibility that they can trust you, and you can solve their problems.

To make them trust you, you can provide them:

Testimonials from previous clients

Case Studies or clients logo’s
Mention the number of years from which you’re in the industry

Awards or Recognition if any,.

Call to Action

If you want visitors to take some action on your law firm website, like maybe contacting you or filling a contact form, enquiry form, etc you need to show them call to actions, right? Or else how will your conversion rate go higher?

Big, bold call to action buttons should be there on your website, landing pages etc. and should be with some offer like maybe some video tutorial or free book.
These days you should put call to actions even in your blogs, but they should be text-based and something engaging.

Call to actions helps you to gather contact information from visitors, which you can later on use and convert them into clients! 

Chat Option

This is a great way of converting your clients, for any lawyer or industry. When the visitor is still having some queries about the work or the issue they are facing, they can easily chat and that would make it easier for you to convert them into clients!

Listening and solving visitors problems may get you better conversions as well as customer relations, which could result in customer loyalty and be beneficial for you in the long run.


Media sets the tone for the website as well as for your law firm. As people connect easily with images and it gives them better understanding of their problem it’s better to use images or graphics to induce your clients.
The media should be clear, relevant, well placed and should not make website messy.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most important aspect for conversion rate optimization, as your visitor clicks on your search engine listing; he lands on the landing page. So, if the landing page is not relevant or engaging or doesn’t answer the visitor’s questions than he will hit the back button which will increase your bounce rate and affect your SEO rankings also.

Make sure your landing pages are updated and to get to the right combination of content, media, website copy and call to actions, you need to do A/B testing. Only after which you can get the perfect landing page for your law firm website.


Pop-Ups are the easiest visitor engaging conversion rate optimization technique. As people tend to miss the banners and information mentioned in texts! So, coming up with pop-ups or slide down banners, immediately grabs the attention of the visitor. Pop-Ups shouldn’t be used more than 1-2 as over usage of them makes users annoyed. 

Conversion rate optimization is an easier process which helps you get more customers and gather information for future purposes. The above-mentioned tricks will also help you get a perfect website for your law firm.

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