3 Reasons to (Still) Buy Bitcoin in 2019


What started as a trend has not become a rage. The Bitcoin market is bigger than ever. With more players and higher market share, in a couple of years could overtake the trills of a stock market. This virtual currency was received with a lot of cynicism but soon become popular after the many success stories. Many are under the impression that the crypto-wave has reached its peak and now it’s time for it to come down crashing. This is not fully true. If you still looking to buy bitcoin on Luno, Coinmama or any other platform – it is still a good time. 

Contrary to popular belief, this currency trend is here to stay, and in 2019 – if you are skeptical about putting your bucks on it, here are a few reasons why we think otherwise. 


  • Bitcoin Innovations Have Not Tapered


There are many developers out there who still believe that bitcoin will one way replace conventional currency. It’s the work of these people that will never let bitcoin fade.  They believe that a decentralized currency such as this is a safe and more convenient option for the world-over. There are over hundreds of coders around the world who are making bitcoin more accessible and saleable to the real world. 


  • Higher User Demands Each Year


We know the basics when there is a demand-supply need to up its game. In spite of the occasional drop in the value of bitcoin, there are users around the globe who still put their monies on Bitcoin. Literally. Just in the last year, there have been than 25 million users investing in Bitcoins. This shows that the interest in Bitcoin is not going to die any time soon. Users would rather buy bitcoin on Luno than invest in a stock on Wall Street.


  • Regulations Are A Motivator


Financial regulators and lawmakers from around the globe are placing a watchful eye on the crypto market. As of the G20 Meeting in 2018, the lawmakers have decided to start by adding a monitoring unit on the world of bitcoins. This is to make sure that crypto assets respect the same rules as that of the stock market. Many might disagree with these laws will come in the way of it being a decentralized network. But this small change can provide the much-needed trust of the common-man-investors into this new market.