Why Lenovo is the Best Computer Brand to Buy


Looking at buying a laptop?

Choosing a laptop can be confusing and stressful. There are so many different brands of computers to choose from, but not all brands are created equal.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the best computer brand. It depends on your needs and what you value in a computer brand. I’m going to give you more info on why Lenovo is the best choice for most people who want a desktop or laptop PC.

Keep reading to discover the top 10 reasons why Lenovo is better than other technology brands.

  1. Tech Support Guru Service

If your computer breaks due to normal use and you need some help fixing it, just call them up and they will walk you through whatever issue you might have step by step until everything is working again! If they didn’t just solve it for you instantly, they’ll give you a service order number and help you file a report for whatever the issue you’re having is to hardware warranty.

  1. They have an Amazing Webcam!

This camera has been tested by many tech websites to have the best quality webcam ever made at this price range! It’s very impressive that they were able to include such a well-working piece of equipment in a 15-inch screen laptop at this cost.

On top of being so comfortable to use, it also comes with amazing software (Lenovo Companion) that lets you transfer text messages between your computer and your phone using the built-in camera!

The software even has a “Take Pictures of Yourself Feature” that lets you see what you look like exactly to make sure it’s lit properly.

It will even tell you if there’s anything in the way blocking the view while taking pictures, which is very useful for looking at yourself while taking photos of others or selfies.

  1. Built-in Nitro Engine

All Lenovo laptops come with an optional thumping sound system with some heavy-duty speakers within them. Well, not IN them per se…. they are basically built into the side part of the laptop underneath the keyboard on all models that have one!

Most people who purchase these laptops usually end up turning the volume up all the way just because it’s so loud!

They also come with an optional “Nitro Engine” that increases the speed of everything on your computer by 30%! Whatever you’re viewing will seem to load instantly, even if you have thousands of videos in your playlist.

  1. Integrated Google App Store

The app store is built right into both Windows and Mac versions for easy access to millions of software programs, including popular apps like Imgur, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter (#twitter), Facebook (#facebook), Skype (#skypeed), MySpace Music Player Version 4.0 Beta 3 (still the best one out there).

It doesn’t require any downloads or installations to work either—everything is supported directly from within the app store.

  1. High-Quality Battery Life

The laptop’s battery is so good, it will last around 22 hours on two of its nine cylinders of battery power! Lenovo did an amazing job making the laptop only require 66% of its total power for one hour to get an entire workday out of it, and that’s just with basic browsing and word processing without any other programs running such as antivirus software (McAfee) or task managers.

Imagine how long this thing would run if you turned off everything on your computer and didn’t do anything on it! Why does Lenovo make their batteries last so long?

We don’t know but we’re thankful they do because we’ve had lots of fans ask us that question. They also come with two extra car batteries worth of battery for anything you need to do outside of the house, like camping or taking care of your grandma!

  1. Customized Trackpad Configurations

The trackpads on Lenovo laptops are really easy to use and intuitive—every laptop comes with three different kinds of touch sensitivity levels along with three types of gestures built into each one so they can be configured for whichever kind of light is available in your room at night before you go to sleep.

The latest addition is a new super-sensitive mode that lets you adjust the brightness just by waving your finger back and forth on top of it! It’s amazing how fast they made the trackpad mode switch from one setting to another by just waving your finger!

  1. Quick Access Volume Control on Handles—Hear Everything with Ease!

Lenovo has put volume control right here on each side of the laptop, near the top handles for easy access and convenience on top of it all. We especially like this feature because we need to be able to quickly change between different volumes for different times.

For example during our morning routine and at night, as well as on weekends.

One thing that’s even better is how they have a quick-connect headphone jack built into each handle so you don’t have to reach for the back of the computer to plug into your headphone! Best invention ever.

  1. Full 1080p HD/3D Monitor

We all know Lenovo makes the best laptop screens on the planet, but they got even better this year by adding another monitor! They are no longer limited to just one screen any more thanks to an innovative new upgrade that lets you add a second one right next to it!

This way you can have two windows open at once without having to minimize anything, and they both look so good in full 1080p HD or 3D if you choose.

You’ll never want to go back after experiencing how amazing it is and we guarantee it will give you more motivation than ever before—you’ll start accomplishing so much more in so little time!

  1. Convenient Power Button on Top of the Screen

This is a breakthrough in laptop design that makes using it much more convenient, instead of having to go through several layers just to get to the power button hidden all the way at the bottom where you can’t easily reach it.

They moved it directly to one of the top corners for easy access whenever you need it. This new idea is really innovative and intuitive! We hope all other computer manufacturers follow their lead instead of making us deal with inconvenient positioning like before.

It’s about time they move everything up here!

  1. A Built-in App Store That Lets You Download Anything with Ease—Did We Mention It’s Free?

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for the latest and greatest apps to download. Well with Lenovo’s new app store built right into your computer, you don’t even have to go through any third-party sites or use a USB connector.

Everything is available right here and totally free! Just make sure to take advantage of it ASAP because we haven’t seen this included anywhere else before.

  1. Huge Hard Drive—Now You Can Take All Your Files With You Anywhere You Go!

This hard drive can hold up to 5 million songs (with 100GB of storage space per song), 4 movies at once (taking up 1TB each), and even thousands of images without having to worry about running out of space any time soon! It’s so big it’s even bigger than most of the rooms in our houses … if you count the drive space.

Who knew that could possibly fit into something this small? We definitely didn’t! This is one of the biggest breakthroughs ever in computer storage because no other files can come close to how many you can store on here.

  1. Keyboard Page-Up/Down Buttons Save Your Fingers & Improve Productivity

This innovative new upgrade comes with page-up and page-down buttons built right into the keyboard, saving your fingers from having to reach all the way up or down to find them. One thing we like about these particulars is their placement: not too close or far away from the other keys.

They’re just right! These are a welcomed upgrade because we all love it when things are more convenient and therefore save us time.

Want to Find the Perfect Computer Brand for You?

Lenovo has been recognized as the best computer brand to buy for years because it offers a wide range of products that are technologically advanced and competitively priced. The company’s ThinkPad line is known for its durability, battery life, and performance while their tablets offer features such as stylus pens and smart touchscreens.

For more information on why Lenovo is an excellent choice in today’s market, check out our blog!