What to know about Xbox gift cards?


You may perhaps be eager to buy a gift card that you may later redeem to save some money. Gift cards also make excellent gifts to those known. There are plenty of gift cards in the market. But for those tech savvy, xbox gift card can make a wonderful choice.

Excellent gift for gamers

Using this gift card, you can have the freedom to choose the type of gift desired. They can be used to shop for the top Xbox full game apps, downloads, devices, TV shows, movies, etc. You do not have to bother about any expiration dates or fees to pay to use this card. Moreover, the digital codes offered do make excellent purchases especially at online Microsoft Store, on Xbox or on Windows.

Excellent accessories & devices

You may avail the new ‘Surface Pro’ or Xbox bundle. Simply load up the game changing accessories.

Choose the biggest games

Using the cards, you are sure to find a lot of interesting games, both latest and classics. You may even load up on add-ons, map packs and much more!

TV & Hottest movies

You may buy or rent popular HD movies as well as get to watch the latest shows on TV, be it the whole season or by the episode based on your choice and preferences.

What is eligible for purchase using the gift card?

With this card, you will be able to avail the latest TV shows, movies and games on Xbox, apps and top games on Winds along with Xbox bundles and consoles at the online Microsoft Store.

Where to spend the gift card?

You need redeem your Microsoft account. Once done, you can now avail the gift card balance that is ready to be spent while shopping on Xbox, Windows or at the online Microsoft Store.

When purchasing digital code, what is offered?

Gift cards codes format is sent to you through email. It is a 25 character code that s printed, sent over message or forwarded by email.

Is it possible to send the gift card to any other country?

Generally, gift cards are offered in local currency. Hence, when purchasing the gift card, it is likely to used only in the country of purchase.

How to redeem the card?

You need to first purchase this card. Next visit Microsoft.com/redeem and log onto your MS account. Now, enter your provided 25 character code. The gift card balance will show on redeeming and can be spent at the designated areas as mentioned above.

Is it possible to purchase in-app products using the gift card?

No and Yes! Products offered are mostly in apps and games like coins, new levels and map packs. You may use the card t purchase these. However, a credit card will be required for a few apps such as subscriptions.

Do these cards expire?

No! The retail purchased ones will never expire. However, promotional gift cards such as the ones offered from Xbox Live Rewards or Microsoft Rewards do expire.