What is the function of online surveys?


In marketing, surveys enable you to segment the target audience, investigate consumer interests, determine people’s opinions regarding the offered or purchased product, and so on. Making an actual offer to the customer becomes much simpler with an online survey maker as you get more information about him.

Gamify the experience for customers

Surveys don’t have to be serious. They can be used to help make strategic choices. Additionally, knowing how to create a survey is an effective gamification tool for customer retention. One company, for instance, took a different approach: They let customers select the dishes’ tags on the website that they liked best. The client then selected three gift dishes from a list generated by the website, and the promotional codes were sent via mail.

Identify the customer journey’s bottlenecks

When a company is given the task of analyzing the sales funnel, it uses every tool at its disposal, including listening to calls to the call center, interviewing customers at points of sale, and keeping an eye on customer behavior on the website. Also helpful are polls. For instance, the footwear company Birkenstock made use of a pop-up on the website to learn about the issues that customers encounter when placing orders.

According to the survey, choosing the right size was the most challenging part of placing an order. The company’s marketers developed in-depth instructions based on the data they received.

Customer communication should be simplified

The best way to divide up your database is through polls. Protecting the client from unnecessary letters will be possible if you identify his interests early in the interaction. For surveys to be effective, they need to be sent automatically, customers need to be involved in finding solutions to important problems, and most importantly, the results need to be used to take concrete steps to improve the customer experience.