What is the best way to adjust the color of a video through colorize video?


Adjusting a video’s color saturation and temperature through colorize video can help it look better or match other videos you’re editing with it. It can also assist you in achieving a black and white, sepia tone, or nighttime effect. To begin, create a new project and add your video or image file to the project’s media library, then:

  • Insert the video or image into the timeline by dragging and dropping it.

Drag and drop the movie or image from the media library into the timeline at the bottom of your project if it isn’t already there.

  • To access the editing menu, click on the clip in the timeline.

When you select a clip, it will be highlighted, and a menu will appear in the top left corner.

  • In the menu, select the Color Balance option.

Color Balance can be found in the top left menu. Four sliders will appear (if you don’t see all four, try scrolling down using the scroller on the right side of the menu).

  • Saturation can be adjusted by dragging the slider left or right.
  1. Drag the Saturation slider’s toggle to the right to make the clip more strongly colored.
  2. Drag the Saturation slider’s toggle to the left to make the clip more faded or desaturated.

Your movie will turn black and white if you drag the Saturation slider to the left, as shown in the example above (have no color at all). Changes get immediately reflected in the preview window to the right, and you can see how your movie has changed.

  • Push the Heat toggle to the left or right.
  1. To have a brighter appearance, move the switch on the Heat roller to the right. This can help make a grainy voice impact.
  2. To get a cooler color, move the toggle on the Temperature slider to the left. This can be useful for making videos appear to have been shot at night.
  • The Color Balance window is now closed.

Close the Colour Balance option by clicking the X in the top right corner once you’ve completed modifying the clip.

  • Your completed video should be saved.

If you’re finished editing and want to export the movie or videos in your timeline to your computer, go to the top right and click the Export Video button.