What Are the Important Blogging Rules That Your Guest Authors Should Follow


Not all guest posts on your blog will give you the benefit of better exposure, reader engagement, and regularity of content. There are several junk guest blog posts that can harm your website reputation, and reduce your rankings on the search engine results page. 

If you are thinking of using guest bloggers in your marketing strategy, then you should read this article. We are going to share with you some rules that will help you accept the guest posts that will improve your marketing efforts. 

Authors should have a consistent track record of offering impeccable content

To improve website visibility and traffic, you need to provide quality content to your readers. The problem is that most of the guest authors either do not have experience in guest posting or they do not have a consistent record of writing quality content. 

Before you choose any guest author for your post, you should look at their past content to find out whether it meets your expectations or not.  If your website has several guest authors/contributors, then you can use a plugin for creating WordPress author biography, as it is an easy way to give credit to contributors that they deserve.

Look at outgoing links

Another thing that you need to do is to evaluate guest posts links. Let writers link out any number of times as they wish, so that they are benefiting readers. If you feel that those links are not of any use, then you should remove them. 

As long as these links educate readers, you should be fine with it. However, you must set a limit to the number of links per post. Ideally a bio needs to have one or two links, and a blog post can have at least four contextual links. 

The content has to be elaborate and distinctive 

Ensure that the guest post content is original, detailed, and well researched. There should be no junk or fluff in it. The addition of details, facts, and steps, etc. makes your blog post informative and enriching. 

Features of an Author Box Plugin

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  • Individually choose a post where you would want to display an author box.
  • Assign posts to several authors and give proper credit to them. 
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  • Customize the look and feel of the author box by controlling its typography, font size, margins, padding, layout, and font family. 
  • Showcase the most popular writers of your blog/website. 


Being selective about guest posts, does not mean that you need to be too choosy. Do not simply accept posts because it will enhance your traffic. Accept them only if it will benefit your blog readers. Just ensure that the content you are posting is of high quality and not an ordinary one. Follow the above rules, so that you will not have to worry about Google penalizing you for substandard posts on your blog.