What are some of the best series available on Netflix?


Netflix is a very popular OTT platform where you can watch different kinds of series. It’s better to know well about the series before watching it otherwise if you watch a cringe series it can also waste your time. Netflix is an award-winning online entertainment platform that can connect you to the rest of the world. Netflix is a multinational software company that is spread in more than 150 countries and provides quality content in the whole world. You can avail to enjoy many web shows and movies (domestic and international) in your regional language.  Today I am going to share with you some of the best series available on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a movie filled with grief and sadness. It was created by Mandy Kaling and Lang Fisher. In this series Devi Vishwa Kumar, a girl whose father had died because of economical issues and Devi had decided to change her life and get rid of these bad economical conditions. Never Have I Ever is the struggling life of Devi in achieving her goals.  It is basically one of the best series to watch to get rid of boredom.

Dear White People

The show Dear White people gives a strong message about racism. In this series each day, one person suffers racism and overcomes it. Along the way it also includes comedy. I can assure you that you will have a great time watching this movie.

Master of None

Master, None is a story of the everyday life of Dev, a comedian. This movie was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. This movie is famous for its witty dialogues and characters. The movie has successfully completed two seasons. And you may like this movie because it has many unexpected scenes.

Bo Jack Horseman

Bo Jack Horseman is an animated story by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. It has completed 6 seasons. In this movie, the voices are dubbed by some of the famous celebrities like Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul, etc. This movie is filled with a lot of funny scenes. So, you would have a great time watching this movie.

Extra Tip

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In this article, I have talked about the best series available on Netflix. If you were thinking of watching a Netflix series then this article would have been a very useful one. And also I have shared about how can you acquire a free Netflix account. Go and take the subscription of your online entertainment platform now.