How to find email address & phone number of a domain name owner?


If you are into Domain flipping business then you might be aware that the email address and phone number of a domain holder is must to do outbound marketing. A lot of people are doing this and selling domains pretty easily.

If you own a domain name then you can check your own domain is whois checker, you will get details like registered address, email address, phone number, domain owner name and his organization, which is more than enough information to make a sale.

Earlier, you people can check bulk whois of domains and extract email and details very easily but after the Introduction of GDPR, it becomes very difficult to make use of multiple bulk whois extractor.

People used to buy expired domains for SEO directly from owners by checking their whois details from whois checker. Everything was very easy and sorted out because of GDPR law, you cannot check for multiple domains at same time.

You can check the domain one by one now. I used the whois checker tool to get details of domain users who match with my niche website and then pitch them for guest posting on their website. I converted a lot of clients by doing these things.

Let me explain to you in more details-

I own a domain name-, I want to make backlinks on it to Link Lifting the authority of my website so that more people from authority websites come to my website, they spend time on my website, increase time spent on my website and reduce the bounce rate.

The purpose of making backlinks is to improve the ranking of my website on search engines.

What I do to make backlinks-

I found domain names of Dog niche from search engines. Once I have 1000 websites with me, I put all those websites in a domain extractor tool and fetch email address, phone number and all those necessary details.

Then I filter for email addresses, remove misspelled or missing email addresses from my extracted list. I shoot them bulk emails for Guest Posting, Out of this 1000 emails, I got around 15-20 authority links.

This was the way we used to get backlinks those days. Nowadays Bulk whois finder are not working anymore. Moreover, most people choose a private registration during domain booking which prevents their details from whois checker tools. Now, you can check with Whois checker tools on the Internet and get access to email addresses and phone numbers.

The people who are in the domain flipping industry, also doing the same things, they found websites with similar domain names, get their whois details from whois checker tool and send them emails with their domain portfolio.

There are development companies which fetch, scrap and crawl the data of domain name owners, check for App development Melbourne, they are best in crawling softwares.

In this way, they are making good sales.

Note- Due to GDPR implementation, They also hide the email address and phone numbers of users, just to prevent them from spamming.

I hope the above information will be helpful for you.