Ways to Play Games with Girls


Playing games with girls is a must. They are very entertaining to team up with on Gank. From pros who can carry you through ranked games, to casual players who you could chill with, to hyper gamers whose screams get masked out by their mic, they’re for sure going to give you a good time.

There are also ways for you to make it even more interesting. You can do more than just talk with them and say “GG” or “Nice Job.”

Simple Talking

This is the most common way to talk to them. A simple talking session while gaming. Just a regular way to get to know each other. You could talk to them about your favorite game, your favorite characters, what type of music you’re into, anything you could think of under God’s blue Earth.

If it’s a bit too tricky to play while talking, you could simply call them and have a chat with them. There are lots of apps and software out there that could help you with this. The best example would be VR Chat. It has a lot of features and could definitely be a great place for simple talk.

Role Playing

This is definitely a must if you’re playing a role playing game or if you’re playing with a cosplayer. You could like the characters in the game you’re playing. Pretend that you’re actually Garen from League of Legends and talk about the honor of Demacia. You could even try screaming Demacia as well when you’re casting your Ultimate Skill. She could pretend to be Katarina, an assassin, who is also Garen’s romantic interest.

You could act as if you’re Monster Hunters, chasing down a Kirin or a Rathalos. Role playing makes gaming a lot more fun because it becomes more immersive. It makes you feel as if you’re actually in the game. Even more so if both of you cosplay the characters as well and even mimic the voice.

Strategic Communication

Perfect for games with a lot of strategy involved. Imagine playing Mobile Legends, you and the girl you’re playing with could make up some tactics and come up with plans on how to approach and ambush the enemies. You could warn your teammates that the enemy on your lane is missing. This will help keep your allies away from getting ambushed and feeding the enemy.

Same goes in role playing games. You could discuss how to do your combos to beat an enemy or a boss. You could talk about how to chain your attacks and what roles you should fill in the attack. This could be vital because it would be hard if you and your teammate only blindly threw attacks. Telling each other when to attack, when to heal, when to perform combos together could really make boss fights a cake walk.

In FPS Games, you could discuss with them which routes to take, which guns are best for the map, etc. Some game modes don’t require a lot of strategic communication, while there are where communication is a must, like Search and Destroy.

These ways can help you add a little spice when you play games with girls.