Update your team with all the important events using our digital shift handover


The digitization process is now finding its way to all types of production facilities. With this, communication between the working shifts is also becoming digital. A few years back, every record, right from task allocation to work instructions and other directives were kept manually. Although phones and emails were there, they couldn’t ease the whole working process. However, digital solutions like the shift hand over software have gone a long way in making the shift handover process a lot easier. 

With the help of this software, team managers can keep their members up-to-date and informed with every project-related information. This helps in carrying out the operation smoothly and creates room for improvement for everyone. 

How Does It Happen?

The digital shift handover app highlights the important key data across the whole operation. It keeps a track of every important piece of information and manages them among the different shifts. With a 360° overview, the app scrutinizes all events and the changes that take place from time to time. It captures the data and stores it in an auditable version that can easily come in handy for the user. Since the shift handover app is powered with XDC, therefore it offers customizable forms for each operation.  


  • Seamless Operation

If you are leading a huge team, then this digital shift handover app can be very useful. Whatever data gets stored in this app, can be retrieved in future so that you can analyze your team’s progress. Thus, one can keep a track of all the errors and their sources and thereby improve the overall efficiency of the team. 

  • Easy-to-read data

The shift hand over software has a very unique feature of showcasing visual data. Who likes to read long reports and complicated statistics to make a simple analysis? No one. Therefore, visual data presentation is one of the core components of the app. It highlights the performance figures and allows you to filter out faults and errors easily. Hence, one can now focus more on improving communication skills and future opportunities. 

  • Everybody Now Knows It

The shift handover app opens up important data to all the team members just with one click. Interestingly, the visually presented real-time data allows every member to access important directives anytime. Moreover, the app provides the option to keep a track of the successes and variances of the team with faster visibility. It further offers simple data links to systems like PCS.

  • Simplistic Configuration

The app contains various tools like shift notes, directives and tasks. With these tools, team members can get flexible configuration like customized form and other open interfaces. In fact, the ‘tasks’ feature is what eases out everything. It helps supervisors to check cross-shift and cross-department task allocation. He/she can also update work instructions from time to time.

  • Responsible

Responsibility is often associated with humans. But, have you ever heard about an app being responsible? Yes, the Shiftconnector app is also synonymous with ‘responsible’. It binds and documents progress, important notices and other guidelines of a particular shift and simply hands them over to the next one. In other words, the app is responsible enough to keep a track of everything. 


  • The shift handover app keeps the shift personnel informed and up-to-date regarding every happening. For supervisors, the information is compiled in an easily readable form.
  • The app provides the facility of accessing live reports anywhere and anytime. Hence, the team members can directly communicate with each other, thereby simplifying the whole management process. 
  • In this shift handover app, one can get an overview of any special event that may take place based on status and priority. Moreover, it has made reporting simpler and easier.
  • Meetings are the most tiresome of all tasks. But, when you have this app, you can manage your meetings efficiently. It also allows email reporting for important events. 
  • The app facilitates easy communication of tasks among the team members. As a result, the supervisors can communicate the tasks directly to his/her team members of a particular shift. 

Why do you need this digital shift handover app?

Well, the advantages of this shift hand over software are immense. It is everything that any industry needs for its smooth running. There is no other app which provides not only an easy recording of events but also every important nitty-gritty pertaining to a team. It presents the data in an easily readable form so that superiors don’t need to waste time going through every detail with his/her team. Just with a glace, one can look into the progress of the former shifts.

As we said, this shift handover app gives a 360° overview of all updates. Not only that, one can even catch up from where he/she has left before logging off. Bottom line, it’s a simple app and there is no point in not having it.