Top Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


Web design is an art that gives its users an experience that blends in various factors to make the website usable, interesting, and an enjoyably satisfying experience. To achieve such functionality and form, web designers need to follow certain rules and conventions. First, we need to discuss the primary web design mistakes that you need to avoid.


If not easily navigable, your website will lose popularity easily. When everything is delivered so easily to the user or consumer, you need to be the one who makes those deliveries faster than everyone else. Therefore, never make your navigation menu hard to locate. A great site will always ensure that its navigation menu is easy to fathom and easier yet to be noticed.


Knowing your target audience is a really important requisite. A website design company can perfectly understand this. The look and feel of your website determine that a particular type of visitor will be attracted to it. Make sure your site doesn’t try speaking to too many types of audiences at once. It will be more confusing and may be regarded as a frustrating website. Always identify your target audience and profile it well. Hire a website design company to get these benefits.

Too Little

One end of the spectrum of extremes is a website with almost no worthwhile material in them. Minimalist designs may be in-trend right now but are good only when done properly. Never leave anything to the visitor’s imagination. Be specific, short, and crisp in stating what your site is about and what you can do for the visitor. Being cryptic may send the wrong notions. Leaving your visitors guessing may be an extremely dangerous move.

Too Much

The other end of the spectrum of extremes is a website with too much to offer to the visitor at first glance. Being overly expressive with too much on offer on the platter may confuse the visitor in making any choice at all. If visitors can’t understand what your site is all about within a few seconds of arriving on your site, they may be prone to leaving your site.

Never cram too much info. Be specific and crisp while being minimalist as well. Too much is always too confusing and may lead to taking too much time to understand. It may take too much time for your pages to load as well.

Contact Info

If you fail to provide the contact information, you are bound to lose a lot of good business. Whenever a visitor decides that you are the right place to buy from, they must have access to contacting you. If your contact info isn’t easily available, it may frustrate the visitor and ensure they leave the site immediately.

So make sure that your Contact Us page is readily available at all times. It is one of the most crucial factors that make or break your business growth. It must be just a click away and in the most common, easily noticed spots of any page on your website. Hire the top website design company to take care of this.


In the middle of the spectrum of extremes (the ‘too little-too much’ that we discussed) is what we call a ‘confused site.’ If you don’t understand your brand or image well, such mistakes are bound to happen. It can happen when you want to include too many templates that you love. On the other hand, it may so happen that you want to convey too many ideas at once.

It may also happen if you try using too many typefaces, fonts, themes, etc. best is to think holistically. Choose a single theme, a single typeface, and a single logo. Then make sure you stick with them across your entire site. Make sure they are related to each other. Use relevant images only and also make sure that you use short alt text and aptly related caption with each image.

Avoiding these common mistakes will surely boost the aesthetics of your website multiple times more. Therefore, hire a top web development company in India, and all these mistakes will be avoided.