Top 5 Digital Marketing Services Every Company Needs

Digital Marketing

The biggest change in marketing over the last 20 years has been the transition from traditional to digital. Today, marketing is all about reaching people where they spend so much of their time: online. Digital marketing services have become the big thing in modern marketing.

As a company owner, you may have already been approached by vendors offering digital marketing services. Perhaps you were overwhelmed by a rather complicated sales pitch. Maybe you don’t even know what kinds of marketing services your company really needs. If so, you are not alone.

Webtek Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City firm that specializes in digital marketing. They recommend the following five services (yes, there are more) as a starting point for every company’s digital marketing plan:

  • 1. SEO Services

The heart of digital marketing is still the search engine. As such, companies cannot afford to compromise on search engine optimization (SEO). They have to be visible online. Otherwise, any other marketing efforts will yield limited results.

SEO services are tailored for exposure. Companies like Webtek employ certain practices to guarantee that client websites perform well on standard searches. They do so because they know the one fundamental truth about online searches that hasn’t changed in 30 years: organic results drive far more traffic than paid results.

  • 2. Content Services

SEO professionals have said for years that content is king. Not only are they right, but they have been right for more than a decade. Content became extremely important way back when Google decided to begin fighting online junk. It is just as important today.

This suggests that content services are non-negotiable. Companies need digital marketing firms capable of producing quality content that increases exposure, ranks well on search engines, and creates a loyal audience.

  • 3. Paid Ad Services

Organic searches may drive more traffic than paid ads, but there is still a place for paid ads at the table. Successful digital marketers know how and where to place ads for the most effective response. They know how to work with client budgets to ensure that they do not spend money on ads that don’t produce. If your company is paying for advertising, some of your budget should be devoted to online ads.

  • 4. Link Building Services

Link building used to be a discipline intended only to increase search engine results. Today, with the strong emphasis on quality content, link building goes way beyond search engine ranking. It contributes to a website’s online reputation. When that reputation increases, so does the company’s reputation in the eyes of the buying public.

Link building is often ignored by digital marketers who don’t have a strong understanding of SEO. That is a mistake. Link building is more important now than it ever was before. Websites need strong internal, outbound, and inbound links.

  • 5. Social Marketing Services

Social media is where people meet online. Few would argue that point. Therefore, if the goal of digital marketing is to reach people where they are, it stands to reason that reaching them on social media is a must.

The trick is deciding which social media channels to use. Facebook might be the best avenue for a B2C business while LinkedIn is a better choice for B2B enterprises. A skilled digital marketer knows how to figure it out.

There are other digital marketing services not mentioned in this post. They include things like email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and mobile app marketing. Here’s the point: there are some digital marketing services every company needs – including yours. If your company is not marketing online, you are losing out.