The Importance Of Editing In Photography


There are two views that are contrasted: Lovers of photography without retouching, or merely those who adjust a couple of parameters such as brightness or contrast. On the other hand, we have those who use the edition to create a specific atmosphere, adjusting it to what they want to convey, and mold the photography to obtain different results. There is an extensive range of possibilities, where the limits are set by each person depending on the result you are looking for. Today, from, we tell you the advantages of the edition.

Advantages Of The Edition

First, when viewing an image on the computer, we can take note of aspects to improve, such as framing or focusing. The main thing is to make a good photograph since the edition should not replace a photograph, but improve it. They are complementary attributes. Thus the post-production of the photo will be smoother.

When editing the photos, it is always convenient to have a RAW format. This is a file format that shows all the details of the image without compressing it and does not cause loss of information. Other formats such as JPG cause the camera to apply white balance and focus, contrast, and saturation settings, as well as compress the image.

The edition can turn an ordinary photo into something spectacular or distinctive. Care must be taken not to overuse the filters or any other tool that may distort our photography.

Use editing in areas such as creative photography or fantastic themes: this allows us to create an artistic image, add fire or rain, give it a vintage or old touch, create fantastic characters, introduce animals into the scene. This type of photography allows us to develop the edition in-depth and explore different techniques.

There is a wide variety of editing programs: Photoshop, Microsoft Digital Image, Adobe Lightroom, Winimages. You can find everything from free programs to paid programs, and you can choose the one that best suits you.

Don’t forget that editing is exclusively the decision of each person. Test effects, experiment with editing programs and decide what your stamp will be.