The Benefits and Downsides of Laptop Sleeves


A laptop sleeve is a pouch, that’s frequently made of nylon or plastic, and meant to fit snugly, covering the surface of your laptop. Laptop sleeves can reduce the quantity of dust or other particles that your units can encounter, not to mention getting protected from physical damage. However, they don’t usually offer enough protection against serious mishaps like drops or falls. Though it has benefits, there are also downsides.

Here are some pros and cons when covering your unit with laptop sleeves:

Safeguards Your Laptop Against Physical Damage

Prevention of physical damage that these sleeves offer is possibly the main benefit when buying this accessory. As we all know, laptops are frequently pricey, and even complex pieces of technology that truly require careful handling, especially if you’re planning to use them for a long time.

Your laptop can avoid coming into contact with the lint present underneath briefcases and bags by using a laptop sleeve. Additionally, some sleeves include water-repellent qualities that enable them to guard against drink spills and unintentional rain exposure.

Saves a Lot of Time in Cleaning a Laptop

Another benefit of buying laptop sleeves is the convenience of saving more time in terms of cleaning your laptop, specifically its chassis and display. That means giving you more room to do other important stuff at home and in your office!

Any type of computer cleaning can take a lot of time. However, cleaning a laptop is even more challenging because not all laptop designs provide simple access to the interior part of the unit. Fortunately, laptop sleeves can help keep your computer cleaner for a long time. In fact, its lifespan may even extend further than your laptop unit.

However, just like other laptop accessories, laptop sleeves also have their own drawbacks. Here are some of them:

Its Features Have Its Own Limits

Laptop sleeves do have protective features for your unit. But realistically speaking, its protection is only limited. It’s true that most designs of laptop sleeves do offer knock protection; some even have water-repellant features.

But it’s a different story when it comes to a unit getting dropped from a significant height. The same case goes when being thrown into a swimming pool. This certainly means that the protection that laptop sleeves give is not as robust as that of a suitcase or backpack.

Many Designs Are Pricey

The cost can also be a downside as it can significantly increase over time, especially when the design is quite fashionable in appearance. There are also those that don’t have handles. Therefore, buying a bag will once again add up to the cost.

So if you’re confused about whether buying laptop sleeves is the right choice, ask yourself – do you have the budget? Do you always go out with your laptop that needs some protection? Or is your laptop most of the time at home? But if you really believe you need your unit protected, you can always buy the best laptop sleeves here.