Talkspace Therapists Help Students Safely Adjust To The New Normal Campus Life


COVID-19 turned the world upside down and inside out in 2020. The old way of greeting people and attending social functions went out the window when the lethal virus reared its ugly head. Returning to work and school is not as simple as it was a year ago. In order to stay healthy, it’s necessary to develop a new way of dealing with campus life as well as the office environment, which has aided the rise of telehealth services like Talkspace. Millions of people work from home to avoid getting the virus. But millions of college students are back on campus, and they need direction when it comes to avoiding contact with this invisible villain.

Talkspace has a group of licensed therapists who study the COVID-19 campus does and don’ts. The therapists say wear a mask, stay away from crowds, wash your hands for 20 seconds, and do that frequently. And make sure you have a disinfectant wipes at your disposal.

The company’s therapists want college students to go the extra mile and add a few important steps in their COVID-19 fighting strategy. The therapists want students to forgo the hugs that students use to show affection. And they think students should be selective when choosing to hang out with those friends. Outdoor activities minimize the spread of the virus, so meeting in a park, riding bikes, hiking, and backyard hang-outs are part of the new campus normal.

And it’s important to talk about the precautions you incorporate on campus. Ask friends to incorporate your new lifestyle into their daily routine. Medical professionals claim there’s no sure way to avoid the virus. But keeping your immune system functioning at an optimum level is the best defense according to the medical experts.

The body’s immune system has the ability to fight the virus when it invades the cells in the lungs and other organs when you add the vitamins and minerals that support the immune system to your daily diet and exercise routine. Exercise helps your body consciousness fight the free radicals that enter the body. And vitamins C, D, E, and K give the immune system some of the fuel it needs to stop COVID-19 from destroying healthy cells.

Wearing A Mask Can Be Restrictive And Confusing So Using Body Language Is The New Social Stimulator

Some of our superheroes have no problem wearing a mask. But wearing a mask on campus can throw a monkey wrench in your college social game. Now, more than ever, eye contact is the way to communicate with friends on campus. Students who keep smiling while they wear a mask have a different, more inviting, the tone in their voice. And when they take their sunglasses off, and they pay attention to their body language when wearing a mask, college friends recognize the emotions you want to project while the mask covers half of your face.

Talkspace Therapists Say A Positive Attitude Helps Stimulate The Immune System

Researchers now know thoughts play an essential role in boosting the immune system. Our body consciousness reacts to the thoughts we project, especially when those thoughts have an emotional charge. In order to keep your mind and your thoughts in positive mode, therapists recommend exercise and eating the foods that make you feel good but don’t turn your body into a melting pot of empty calories.

Positive energy and a positive outlook are the results of a positive mindset. That means treating your body like the fine-tuned machine it is. Sleeping enough, a diet rich in immune system fuel, and spending time in nature while studying will help you ride out the pandemic. And support from friends and a therapist will also help your body battle the virus.