Boosting Productivity And Efficiency Of Rich Interactions With Advanced Technology


Well, you know that how much advancement has been brought up in computers since the 90s and how for today’s technology, the displays being setup in conference rooms, auditoriums, etc. are no longer equipped with laser technology. Today’s era speaks for wireless presenter where one can use it in public speaking as per needs. The positioning technique, processing of images based on FPGA, etc. points in the direction that laser offers but can be used with any display devices. Also, the key pointing and marking in the content comes with the wealth of interactive functions that make the presentation lively, engaging, fluid and easy to control.

The Visual Recognition technology directs the presenter with precise positioning and zooming features in a very seamless manner that enhance the experience. 

Interactive Functionalities of Presenter

For the out of world experience in today’s time, you may find a presenter which provides zooming, marking and pointing functions along with the speech fluency through speakers which are not placed quite close to the presenter either. The insurtech technology used in these wireless presenters for recognition of visual images works based on the analyzation of the location at which presenter is pointing to the screen and the in-built camera captures the photos. Well, the presenters also have the marking and pointing directivity same as that of laser pointers.

Smart Pointing Direction Indicator

The rapidly and widely swinging of pointing indicator in the presenter is good and it makes the speaker confident. It has a smart approach to anti-shake and multi-level functionality and if the presenter points out of the display area for more than a second than the indicator for pointing will get disappeared automatically. In real-time operations, there is no limitation to any software or any application. It is very simple to use and easy in processing out the various operations.