Signs To Know When To Change Your Smartphone


Every year hundreds of new Smartphone models come onto the market and always in the same position; “But I just bought my current cell phone!” Note, sometimes you’ll need to unlock new smartphones like T mobile phones, here is how to unlock T Mobile phones.

Do you experience those sensations? Sure, we have all been through it.  Our mobiles last us on average less than 2 years in our hands.

Craving? Novelty fever? Always wanting to go with the latest? Are you a smartphone collector?

Whatever the reason, and taking into account the amount of supply we have in the market with new releases almost every month, we will offer you some tips so that you can calculate the optimal time to change your smartphone.

Shall we start? Keep reading!?

When Should I Change My Mobile?

The Battery Does Not Give More Of Itself

As you know, the battery has a specific life cycle, and as time passes, it will take longer to charge, and it will wear out much faster.

Usually, this issue is one of the main reasons to change smartphones, and that is that every day, we are more demanding with our devices, so it is also necessary to have a good battery.

The battery problem happens to most people who regularly use their mobile, so you should not worry or be scared, it is something normal, and it will happen to you with all devices as you exhaust their life cycles.

Hardware Failure That Is Not Worth Repairing

This point can be easily solved if the mobile is still under warranty when the problem occurs since you can send it to the technical service to have it repaired at no cost or if the repair is not feasible, replace it with a new one.

But it is possible that the smartphone is no longer under warranty by the time the hardware fails, so if you want to repair it, you have to bear the costs.

Depending on the type of repair needed, you may rent, but in general, it is usually more convenient to forget about the repair and opt for the change with the new options you have in the market.

The performance of the mobile is much worse than the first day (even if you even format it)

This point is similar to that of the battery. The chipsets, processors, and the other parts that make up a smartphone also have their life cycle.

As you use the mobile and go through its useful life, you will notice that the phone’s general performance decreases.