Signal Intelligence & Electronic Warfare


Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) may be defined as the process of intelligence gathering by the interceptions of the signals in which communications from people or electronic signals are not directly used in this communication. This intelligence is widely used by the defense personals for examining foreign communications or activities and preparing intelligence reports on the same. There are various companies around the world catering to these needs. MILITRONIX is one of the most trusted companies with a wide range of products related to Signal Intelligence available at the most competitive prices.

Since intelligence-driven decision making is one of the core and most important daily activities and also helps a lot in strategic planning, the military forces and many intelligence agencies rely on Signal Intelligence. The importance of Signal Intelligence and its relation with Electronic Welfare is also mentioned below.

History of SIGINT & Few of its Roles:

SIGINT was initially discovered during the First World War when the British Military Forces had intercepted the German Radio Communications to gain their intelligence information. Later on, keeping in mind the technological advances, few of the latest SIGINT is used by the US Military Forces and they gather signal intelligence through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as Reaper Drones and they are well equipped with very powerful infrared sensors, cameras, Light & Imaging Detection (LIDAR) as well as Radar Systems so that they can transit valuable intelligence as much as possible.

One of the examples of modern SIGINT is EA-18G Growler than is much advanced and it can fly faster and higher than a drone and the same is also equipped with sensors for detecting enemy radars and it can detect cell phone signals as well. Modern SIGINT also has the capability of interception of electronic communications data in real-time by capturing data like emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.

 Types of SIGINT:

  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and it is the interception of communications between people and groups.
  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and it is the interception of electronic signals that are not majorly used in communications
  • Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT) i.e. the collection of signal creating by usage and testing of foreign weapon systems.

Electronic Warfare & Its Types:

The term Electronic Warfare (EW) refers to the military action based on the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Few examples of Electronic Warfare include radar jamming, communication jamming and electronic masking, etc.

Similar to SIGINT, Electronic Warfare may be divided into three types as follows:

  • Electronic Attack (EA) – It includes offensive use of directed energy against the enemy.
  • Electronic Protection (EP) – It includes defensive such as Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) suites that are built in the fighter jets.
  • Electronic Warfare Support (ES) – It involves the practice of identifying the sources and locating electromagnetic signals for supporting decision making.

Thus the role, as well as the importance of SIGINT as well as Electronic Warfare, is mentioned above in very simple terms. It has become one of the most crucial and important needs of the defense personals around the world for intercepting their enemy’s language.  Please feel free to visit to get detailed information and the best rates for the above-mentioned systems.