Home Security: 10 Essential Qualities of a CCTV Camera in Singapore


Choosing to install a home security camera system is a simple step. But determining which type of camera to purchase is the tricky part. Your search for the best security cameras will present you with many options, as modern security cameras come with features and options. Moreover, features considered premium just a few years ago are now standard. It is fantastic because you can hire a CCTV installation crew in Singapore that will aid you in providing home security measures to keep you safe.

Here is a list of features your security camera system must possess, in no particular order of importance.

1. Ample coverage.

Your new CCTV camera in Singapore should adequately cover the area it must monitor. Although this is a personal preference, the critical areas should include entryways and the back. Fortunately, many CCTV systems now feature surveillance with pan-tilt-zoom or 360-degree dome cameras that provide extensive area coverage.

2. Wireless technology.

The sharpest images are useless if the camera feed’s cable is severed. You will require a CCTV camera in Singapore that can wirelessly transmit recorded footage without degrading its quality. Wireless cameras typically include a remote feed and control system. Smaller versions of these cameras can also be installed in vehicles, adding an extra layer of protection.

3. Picture clarity and image quality.

The general rule is that the greater the pixel count, the better the image becomes. Many security cameras have a resolution of around 1080 pixels — and the higher the pixel count, the clearer a photo becomes. It is particularly crucial in low-light conditions, where images may be difficult to register. Most cameras can provide a decent shot of a well-lit or sunny room, but night or evening recording poses a challenge for most systems. And this is a time for burglaries, so security systems must be secure. A CCTV camera in Singapore with more pixels can zoom in to capture a clear image for ID if it has digital zoom.

4. Remote access and cloud-based storage.

Remote access is crucial to record videos and live feeds by security cameras. Almost every modern urban home security system includes a companion app with varying degrees of control. It means you can view live footage from the camera on your mobile device, even in a different city.

A homeowner and a CCTV surveillance company may remotely activate and deactivate the cameras. You have control over how and where you can access your security system, in addition to the ability to monitor your home while you are away. Typically, they are also integrated with other smart home devices, allowing you to dim the lights and activate the water heater from the same app. In addition to storing footage in the cloud, security systems enable you to create backups and archive footage for later use.

5. HD video with a wide-angle lens.

Even the most basic mobile phone includes HD video recording capabilities. Then why wouldn’t you anticipate the same from a contemporary security camera? HD or High-definition resolution is 1080p.

If you are reading this in the distant future, 4K or Ultra-HD (or UHD) cameras may already be commonplace. The footage captured by HD cameras is clear and distinct, allowing you and law enforcement officials to discern even the smallest of details. Consider wide-angle cameras as well. These cover a larger area with a single camera, obviating the need to install multiple CCTV cameras in Singapore in many cases.

6. Speakers.

Security cameras with speakers may seem useless, but they are preferable to using an intercom or speaking through the door. You can see and communicate with visitors without installing an intercom system. There may be additional applications for such CCTV cameras in Singapore. It can calm and soothe your pets while you’re out or monitor the exterior of your home if you hear strange sounds at night.

7. Night vision.

You should purchase night-vision cameras or at least cameras that can record in low-light conditions. Contrary to popular belief, these cameras do not produce monochrome green video. Most CCTV cameras in Singapore capture footage that resembles typical black-and-white videos. Advanced camera systems employ infrared or heat-vision cameras in areas where simple night vision is insufficient, specifically in dark places. This option is not necessary for every residence, but it is an excellent choice for commercial spaces.

8. Motion sensors and automation.

Motion sensors and motion-activated security camera systems, another technology highlighted in the movies, are much more common than most people believe. The primary benefit is that it reduces the amount of footage recorded, thereby reducing the amount of storage space required. It also helps save internet data by requiring fewer cloud backups. More sophisticated motion detection systems include movement tracking. These cameras follow an individual within their field of view. The motion sensors can also activate alarms to warn you and your local CCTV surveillance company of intruders.


9. Two-way talk capability.

Consider the audio capabilities of your security cameras; are they capable of one-way or two-way audio communication via the camera? The advantage of a two-way feature is that you can hear what is happening at the camera site and communicate with anyone present. It can range from remotely confronting intruders with your smartphone or tablet to calming your pets during a storm.

10. Intrusion detection.

Additionally, Intrusion Detection is a crucial feature of a CCTV camera in Singapore. On security cameras, intrusion detection is a video analytics function. Detectors of intrusion monitor an area by detecting and surveying motion to capture events. The Intrusion function is an intelligent Smart Detection method to detect intrusions and other criminal activity. CCTV cameras with intrusion detection can monitor a warehouse, retail store, bank, etc.

These are just a few of the essential features of CCTV cameras that you should consider before installing them in your home or business. A CCTV camera should have multiple roles and modules to be effective. Investing in a CCTV camera from a company that values the price you pay and provides high performance and quality is always preferable to purchasing a standard CCTV camera in Singapore.

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