SEO Supports You Must have Now In Every Limits


This tool is an extension that you must add to your browser. It allows two things. First, by doing a simple search on Google, the extension allows to know the popularity of the searched keywords (search volume per month on the word or expression). Also, you’ll get an indication of Cost Per Click (for more information on CPC, read the article “Customer acquisition as the foundation of a successful business”. With the seo los angeles you can have the best details now.

  • Then, with Keywords Everywhere, you can analyze a web page. 
  • Whether to improve your SEO on your own site, or study the keyword strategy of your competitors. 
  • To do this, simply go to the page, click on the extension in the browser and choose Analyze Page.

Note that you can easily keep your keyword searches in favorites

  • A complete tool, easy to use, without registration. Two approaches.
  • By the domain name. You will get attendance statistics, the most viewed pages (front door on your site) and the keywords that have been typed.
  • You can also type a keyword or phrase in the search bar to find, as with Keywords Everywhere, the popularity, cost-per-click, and keyword suggestions related to your search.

Google Trends

This tool has two strengths. It represents the trends (by theme and geographic location) on a time scale and allows a fairly visual way to compare the popularity of keywords.

An intuitive tool, easy to use to optimize its SEO

  • Google Trend – optimize your SEO
  • SEO on-page – content optimization

SEO on-page is about optimizing each page of your website individually so that they are better referenced in the search results. If Google now encourages the writing of quality content, it remains necessary to adapt your content to be easily identified by search engines.

Embed the keyword in the query field

To get started with optimizing your content, you need to define the main keyword. We have previously seen the methods to choose the right keywords. The main keyword of your page allows you to define the main subject that you want to highlight to help the search engine algorithms to reference your content.

To optimize its SEO, one of the best tools to perform this task in WordPress is the Yoast SEO plugin. It allows you to easily select your main keyword and follow the various suggestions it offers. To optimize your SEO work, it is essential to start by defining your key word or phrase in the “request” part of your Yoast module. The writing of the title, then the meta description will come in a second time. Now let’s find the most important points to optimize your title and meta description.

Optimize your title and meta description

The first thing users see when they search on Google is the snippet displayed on the results page. This snippet contains the title, URL, and meta description of your page.