Processing Technology from Kratom Herbal Plants


Processing Technology from Kratom Herbal Plants. At present the highly developed traditional herbal plant processing technology.
Processing technology to obtain the quality Kratom herbal plants is very important.
Processing plants is very important because good processing will produce healthy food.
If the processing technology is incorrect, the results will be toxic to humans.

Processing Technology from Kratom Herbal Plantsconsists of several stages, namely sorting, washing, draining or drying, storing, and processing.
Sorting is done after harvesting at Kratom commodity.
Kratom herbs taken from the leaves are cleaned of impurities.
Parts of plants that have been harvested and then separated from the rotten parts, soil, sand, and weeds that have to stick must be cleaned.

Washing is done after sorting. Washing should preferably use running water by washing the harvested part of the plant.
Washing can be done by running water from a spring or PAM.
Washing can be done by soaking while brushed using clean water.
When washing it should not be too long to avoid certain substances contained in water-soluble materials which can result in decreased material quality.
After washing the leaves are drained on a drying rack.

Drying is a method for removing or removing water from the material by using sunlight. Drying can provide benefits including extending the shelf life, reducing quality degradation before further processing, making it easier to transport, creating a distinctive aroma to the material, and having a higher economic value. Drying The material can be done above the para-para by using sunlight and covered with a black cloth can also be done by a combination of sunlight with the tool. The dried Kratom Herbal ingredient is called Simplisia.

Simplisia is the result of drying of herbal plants that have not been further processed or just chopped which is then dried in the sun.
Simplicia can be processed into various types of products, such as powder, oil, thick extract/oleoresin, dry extract, or capsules.
Herbal plants can be processed into various types of products such as Simplicia, powder, essential oil, thick extract, dry extract, instant, syrup, candy, etc.
So that it can increase the economic value of Kratoms medicinal plants as well as increase farmers’ income.
Besides that, the processed product has a longer shelf life than fresh form.

The development of natural medicine focused on three products.

First Simplisia, is a natural raw material used to make traditional medicinal herbs that have not yet undergone drying treatment.
The challenge faced in making this Simplicia is the selection of appropriate technology that will be applied.
The second product is extracted and third herbal product.

The extract is the result of separating an ingredient from the mixture.
The challenge in the process of making this extract is how to get a unique extract that is standardized.

That is a glimpse of the production process of kratom herbal plants.
Is a psychoactive plant that has been used as traditional herbal medicine and herbs in a number of Southeast Asian regions for thousands of years and popular in America.
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